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The easiest way to get a free Bitcoin . It is too easy, and if you are lucky with the free Bitcoin you can multiply your all alone dea... thumbnail 1 summary
free bitcoin

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Here's Bitcoin Priced In Gold

Some people believe gold is nonsense. Some people think Bitcoin is nonsense. For those of you who believe both things, this chart is e... thumbnail 1 summary
Here's Bitcoin Priced In Gold

Some people believe gold is nonsense. Some people think Bitcoin is nonsense.

For those of you who believe both things, this chart is either totally worthless or it completely makes your case.

It's Bitcoin priced in mg of gold courtesy of our friend Charles Vollum at

"Because it is a young currency, bitcoin has had various "teething" problems, and some of these have caused wild swings in value," writes Vollum. "As the software is refined, as more vendors start accepting bitcoin, and more users choose it for their transactions, these wild swings should damp out."

"On the other hand, it is entirely possible that some flaw in the system may come to light, rendering bitcoins completely worthless," he added. "In any event, it is wonderful to see new forms of free market money offering choices for saving and facilitating trade."

Source : BusinessInside

Will BitCoin Fared Same With Liberty Reserve?

One of the most surprising news of the week in the world of e - currency ( digital currency ) assets are frozen by Liberty Reserve Inc. ,... thumbnail 1 summary
One of the most surprising news of the week in the world of e - currency ( digital currency ) assets are frozen by Liberty Reserve Inc. , as the arrest of the owner of one of the largest digital currency in the world with allegations of money laundering or money laundry .

Digital currency does have a dark side a lot of use , it facilitates the anonymous nature of the people with the aim of either breaking the law or not ( cybercrime ) - perform transactions using digital currency . Indeed , one thing that is unfortunate because it really is not all users of digital currency transactions in violation of the law , but the events that occurred in Liberty Reserve is also making the ' good ' also affected ( accounts and funds that they have participated in Liberty Reserve frozen )

And what about BitCoin ? Previously let us first learn the basic concepts that distinguish BitCoin with other digital currencies . To make it easier we take the example of Paypal and Liberty Reserve .

PayPal - a lot of misconceptions about this one . Paypal is operated by PayPal , Inc. which has a center -based operation or operations in the territory of the United Amerka . Paypal is not a digital currency , PayPal is a payment processor that mediates transactions between buyers and sellers , between the sender and receiver money money . PayPal does not publish its own digital currency and fixed using conventional currencies ( USD , Euro etc. ) in the transaction process .

Easy language , Paypal is a service that offers the convenience of a global transaction using credit cards to help e - commerce merchants who are not able to ' rent ' or build its own secure payment system . Paypal also offers security to the buyer to be able to transact safely without worry of credit card numbers seen by others .

Liberty Reserve - Run by Liberty Reserve , Inc. which has a center -based operation or operations in Costa Rica ( anyone know where this country ? ) .

It's not a secret , that Liberty Reserve came after a pioneer of digital currency e -gold stumble legal issues in the case of money laundry in the United States , walaupin not proven e - Gold still not allowed to operate in the United States are forced to move to the South Africa -based operationnya . Taking the opportunity to e - Gold fall of abandoned consumer , Liberty Reserve also seemed to be a savior appeared and then become the largest digital currency that is used throughout the world - including Malaysia .

Many people think , Liberty Reserve is a lifesaver that facilitates many people - especially those who do not have credit cards and have access to Paypal in order to remain able to transact online . Though one is not known by most users are - by their actual use Liberty Reserve tantamount to enrich the owner of the company and also circle the official exchange Liberty Reserve maker .

Liberty Reserve and similar digital currency currency issuing digital versions of their own ( the issuer ) which is often referred to by the acronym LR ( such as LR 5 which is equivalent to 5 USD ) , in siniah then the problem is actually happening .

Let us explain , Money is a product that is different from other products . Money can not be printed in quantity own wishes and should be set in the world of law and finance concepts . Such MYR Malaysian currency issued by the Bank of Malaysia - it certainly can not then suddenly Malaysian Bank scored and took off in the amount of EUR wishes to market - this will cause financial problems of economic problems such as inflation , devaluation and others . So in other words , MONEY IS A PRODUCT THAT limited.

What is Liberty Reserve? As already mentioned , Liberty Reserve issued by a company that is for profit . Liberty Reserve currency products that hit the market in fact none other than the digit digit diciptakam by a system ( software , etc. ) that can be produced by EASY according to market demand .

So , in fact Liberty Reserve , Inc. has access to ' print ' their own currency in an amount according to his wishes ( 1 trillion LR ? , Or berapun number ) , depending on market demand ( buyers ) without worrying with all sorts of polemics financial problems such as inflation , devaluation and others . As long as there are willing to buy LR , during which the LR can be produced digitally .

At first , the concept is often heralded heralded - backed by GOLD - which means that if Liberty Reserve has a reserve of gold bars worth $ 10,000 , then he CAN ONLY AND SHOULD produce 10,000 LR alone - the fact the field is not so . The lack of access audits , as Liberty Reserve operates in a jurisdiction that is weak in financial supervision , making verification or audit of reserves GOLD vs. LR in the market can not be done .

Conventional currencies are the most disadvantaged by the emergence of digital currency , because the process of buying and selling digital currency is always juxtaposed with conventional currency . Such as you want to buy 1 LR , you must swap the MYR ( Malaysia Ringgit ) worth 1 USD in order to get the LR 1 , in small quantities would not be felt , but what if it happens in the millions USD ? Please financial experts answer : P

State owners of conventional currency is certainly not a bunch with this , when the country's currency daam large amount then simply ' run' into an advantage for a company located outside its jurisdiction . In addition, with the use of anonymous so that those who have unlawful activities ( not listed online gambling , hacking / cracking , cyberporns and other cybercrimes ) can freely transact using Liberty Reserve .

In the case of Liberty Reserve , or a joint investigation inter-state joint investigation was woven by the U.S. government to investigate unlawful activities that use Liberty Reserve . Tactics are very simple and also fatal , if not able to catch the offenders who use Liberty Reserve , why not be turned off or disconnected only track ? In this case is Liberty Reserve , Inc. itself - it's just that then occurs when the line was disconnected - they are the users who use the Liberty Reserve is a digital currency for any legal activity inevitably be affected .

BitCoin Mining Is It Profitable?

How the heck do I do Bitoin Mining ? Many people come to the web and blog that discusses about BitCoin to figure out how to mining ( mine )... thumbnail 1 summary
How the heck do I do Bitoin Mining ? Many people come to the web and blog that discusses about BitCoin to figure out how to mining ( mine ) BitCoin ! In his mind , if it can do BitCoin Mining , 'll definitely get rich , a lot of money ! Because it seems anyway , BitCoin Mining it is an easy job !

BitCoin Mining job easier ? WRONG ! Back in 2009 may indeed easy ! but now NO LONGER ! Why does this happen ? Because of the difficulty level of activity continues to grow as the discovery of 25 BTC mining process .

Mining  solo or mining alone with the hope of gaining 25 BTC to enjoy themselves already MAY NOT done , needs special hardware and operational costs are very EXPENSIVE Sodara ! It is certain , a miner who wanted action hero one-man show will be bankrupt before he could find the first block containing 25 BTC

Mining or mining pool together in an association miner is also not as easy as imagined . BTC Guild , for example , we still need special hardware is up- to-date plus must have operational funds for miningnya ( pay electricity , pay the ISP for internet access etc. ) .

Record :

Do not do BitCoin Mining using paid internet access based on data usage quota . Ahh ! At the very least you need unlimited internet access is ...

Do not do BitCoin Mining with hardware barely fit - especially using personal computer notebook - why ? because the mining process requires large computing resources - could be a personal computer or notebook and even broken first earnings you get from the pool can not replace the natural damage your hardware .

So what then?

Perhaps the only way is to join in the Cloud Mining ! Especially that? It is about doing BitCoin mining with hiring ' hardware ' a pool belonging to someone else or rented hardware provided by a particular company .

Currently , the only Cloud Mining on the market is that the services provided by the Pool mining named GHASH.IO with its subsidiaries named CEX.IO. The way it works is we buy GH / s of them to do the mining ! We do not need to bother with the affairs of the hardware installation , the cost of electricity , the cost of the Internet - by buying Gh / s we can directly perform BitCoin mining automatically!

Cloud Mining in Cex.IO has two advantages , first Gh / s that we buy will make the mining result will be our gain ( after deducting the fee ) . And secondly , Gh / s that we can sell back - but if you want to sell Gh / s make sure the market prices are rising , so we do not lose money .

The bad news ? Already mentioned the word ' buy ' so this is not a free program . We must have the funds in the form of BitCoin to buy Gh / s are . Yes ! They only accept BitCoin to transact .

experience :

On December 4, 2013 . 0.01050079 BTC to my deposit account in Cex.IO. Then I spend it all to buy Gh / S and the purchase price at the time I was only able to buy a 0.1 Gh / s an alias 100 Mh / s only.

With resource 0.1 Gh / s , which I got from the BitCoin mining is ....

"Can BitCoinnya?"

"Can, Ma! But a little small ..."


But the plus side .... I do not need a computer to be online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, imagine how tormented the computer is forced to perform hashing resourcenya continuously, imagine moving power meter ... not to mention internet access!


Over time, I learned to re-invest BitCoin cloud obtained from mining to buy Gh / s extra ....

I currently have 0.15845976 Gh / s ... and following the appearance of the results of mining ..

Koq seems the same results .. Yup yup ! Still remember that the level of difficulty of mining continues to grow as the discovery of a new block block ? This suggests that we should continue to ' upgrade ' or add Gh / s to pursue the degree of difficulty ...

Plus ... conduct mining using the Pool for the results are also based on the size of Gh / s owned , those with Gh / s will certainly get a larger share more!

The plan would try to buy 1 Gh / s directly to see how the performance miningnya .. The current price of 1 Gh / s = 0.072 BTC that if the rupiahkan around 760 100 rupees. Hmmm ... really risky investment dah ! ! Buy ga ya ?

By the way , what do you think ? BitCoin Mining Shall it be profitable?

Dictionary : Gh / s - Giga stands HASH per Second ( Hash Rate ) . - Hash Rate is a measure of the strength of the unit of data processing or mathematical calculation of the Bitcoin network . Bitcoin network should make it instensif mathematical operations for security reasons . When the network reaches level 10 TH hash / sec , it means he can perform 10 trillion calculations per second .

Bitcoin Mining Not For Everyone

Bitcoin mining . Topics on this one apparently much sought after ! It seems like everyone wants to do to get a mining or mining Bitcoin ...... thumbnail 1 summary
Bitcoin mining . Topics on this one apparently much sought after ! It seems like everyone wants to do to get a mining or mining Bitcoin ... for FREE ! Duh !

Really cheap let alone for free ? Let us discuss about the Bitcoin mining ...

Discussing about Bitcoin mining is not easy , meticulous language and IT really impressed - often ordinary people ' ga ngeh ' and then blame the person giving the information because they do not provide the complete information !

Bitcoin mining was what the heck ? The answer lay , Bitcoin mining is a process of ' mathematical calculations ' that occurs in the Bitcoin network . What is the purpose? The purpose of the process of mathematical calculations in the Bitcoin network is to make Bitcoin transaction verification process , the verification databases and also find a new block containing ' fresh bitcoin ' in the Bitcoin database . Those who do this process called Bitcoin Miner - the miner 's get their fee from the transaction verification and bitcoin block database from which they are found . OK sip - a promising job instead ? With the current price of Bitcoin ... it could mean a sudden millionaire ! : P

And then every single person wants to do what is called Bitcoin mining , in his mind every computer can certainly do this . Yup ! of course , each computer is able to perform mathematical calculations because the basic functions of a computer . This paper appears in the screen of your monitor for example , this occurs because of the mathematical calculations on your computer .

But then the problem is , in the process of Bitcoin mining activity was not like the process that occurs when your computer displays it on the screen montitor writing , not like when you click on an MP3 file and then process the computer to play an audio ( sound ) - a process which occurred in the Bitcoin mining is a process which is more severe because his job is to ' open up ' the data locked or encrypted data in a computer system is a high level of data security ! So as to make Bitcoin mining requires a computer system with high processing power.

Let us identify the stages of Bitcoin mining !

CPU Mining - yup ! CPU is the Central Processing Unit is on your computer ( Intel , AMD and others ) . Bitcoin mining with CPUs ' once ' was used in the early days of the birth of Bitcoin . Once ? Yup ! It was not now , CPU mining is deprecated ! why ? because the level of difficulty that must be processed in the mining process are no longer able to be done by a CPU

GPU Mining - When the CPU is no longer able to do the mining process , it was found that the GPU ( Graphical Processing Unit ) ... Yup ! Video Card that is in your computer that it can be used for mining purposes ? The logic is similar to CPU usage - not to display the images and color images that also requires a ' process of computer ' - even in the GPU process is much higher than that can be handled by the CPU . Finally, it was found that the production of AMD's GPU is better to use dlam Bitcoin mining activities rather than production nVidia GPU - and eventually ATI Radeon HD 5870 GPU mining is considered as the most effective medium both in terms of price and output results miningnya .

FPGA Mining - stands for Field Programmable Gate Array . Wow ! hell is this ? This is where the beginning of the birth of Bitcoin mining industry .

In the era of CPU and GPU - Bitcoin mining can be done by using a personal computer ( desktop , laptop ) - but one issue that always comes up! The level of difficulty to be processed continues to increase and eventually GPU also suffer the same fate , no longer able to perform an efficient mining process .

Why is it always the same problem but a scar ,

First - Bitcoin network conditions sepertu it is designed , and the difficulty level of security will always go up every time there is a block that is successfully processed and the discovery of new Bitcoin to circulate in the network . The logic is the same if you find that there is a mountain of gold in it , at first you will easily find gold in the mountains - but the more gold you find , the harder you are to find another gold gold in the mountain ( or the content of gold deposits on the wane )

The second problem , the personal computer is designed to do many things or multitasking - and each task requires resourcenya each ! Have a peek task manager on your computer, there can be seen that each task requires a resource .

And from here then came the idea of the FPGA , why not create a system that di'kondisi'kan such that ONLY SPECIAL to Bitcoin mining ? Not for typing , browsing , playing games , listen to MP3s , watch Youtube .. ESSENTIAL DUTIES HE ONLY HAD ONE ... MINING ! POINT ! !

This is the period in which the loss of computer technology the beauty of the physical form - do not expect to find a computer hardware structure ergonomic shape , slim and beautiful to look at - because it could be the Bitcoin miner to combine all the power of hardware or processing power for Bitcoin mining process ... which then occurs is the appearance as below ... heheh ! !

ASIC Mining - stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuit . Bitcoin mining industry more firmly with ASIC technology . Unlike its predecessor is the ASIC chip technology and hardware specifically designed for Bitcoin Mining purposes only, not for others . In addition to the physical structure of the apparition membarikan mining rigs neater , also provide efiensi ASIC technology in the use of electrical power and also efiensi in processing power to the mining activity itself. ASIC is still used today and is expected to be able to survive until the next two years ...

WoW !

From here you can see , Bitcoin mining industry is not a ' business ' that can be entered by anyone !

Which must be taken into account in Bitcoin mining activities are ...

Internet access costs . Because the mining hardware you absolutely have to connect to the network when bitcoin mining process .

electricity costs . mining or mining rig hardware you need electricity , the greater your ability to process mining rig , The greater the electrical energy required .

Price mining rig - this product was created with a specific purpose . Ahem ! If you look at the current price of Bitcoin , then logically this product is for industrial heavyweight .. ahemm ! ! Potentially generate large amounts of money ! Once again the logic ... the price offered for a product that can make a lot of money that would have been .... NOT CHEAP !

Risk of damage to hardware - if you type the keyword ' bitcoin mining rig ' in Google Images , you'll see a lot of ' fan ' in every picture you find mining rig . Why ? Bitcoin mining is a process that forces the hardware to work optimally , the process continuously and ... Increased TEMPERATURE HEAT is a problem that must inevitably be accepted ! Just like a car or motorcycle engine that carried speeding endlessly - the machine will be HOT ! What happens to the engine speeding vehicles often made ​​without stopping ? without maintenance ... Overhaul aka broken down machines - different from vehicle engines ... computer hardware with the same broken WASTE !


Still think Bitcoin mining is an activity that is cheap especially FREE ?

Polish Finance Official: Bitcoin is Not Illegal

With the legal status of bitcoin still under debate in Poland, a recent announcement by an official from the country’s Ministry of Financ... thumbnail 1 summary
With the legal status of bitcoin still under debate in Poland, a recent announcement by an official from the country’s Ministry of Finance sheds more light on the complex issue.

A growing number of local businesses are embracing the use of bitcoin, but national authorities remain cautious about regulating the use of digital currencies in the Polish economy.

On 18th December, a seminar on the legality of bitcoin was held at the Warsaw School of Economics (Szkoła Główna Handlowa). Based in the Polish capital Warsaw, SGH is one of the country’s leading business universities.

Speaking at the seminar, Szymon Woźniak, an official from the Polish Ministry of Finance, said that the ministry does not consider bitcoin to be illegal, although it does not consider it to be a legal currency either.

Woźniak explained:
“What is not forbidden is permitted. However, we certainly cannot consider bitcoin to be a legal currency.”
The ministry is carefully observing the development of bitcoin, according to the ministry official. The ministry is also monitoring how other European Union member states are regulating the status of bitcoin, Woźniak said, adding:
“We are not blocking the way for the development of bitcoin. However, we expect its users to declare whether they want the state to protect and regulate, or to remain uninvolved.” 
According to the official, under Polish law, profits generated by digital currency transactions are subject to taxation, and those who do not declare them to the country’s revenue service could face sanctions.

Despite the legal uncertainties, some local observers believe that the Polish bitcoin market has significant growth potential and point to the increasing popularity of bitcoin mining in Poland.

Krzysztof Piech, Ph.D., an economist and lecturer at SGH, said at the seminar that Poland is in the avantgarde of the worldwide digital currency movement.

Poland-based bitcoin miners rank tenth among all countries in terms of their output, according to data obtained by Piech:
“We have a human resources potential and innovative financial institutions. Regulations are the lacking element which could help both sides [cooperate] for the benefit of the economy”.
Other speakers at the event included Lech Wilczyński, co-founder of local startup InPay. The company is currently developing a pilot program in a number of Polish cities which is set to boost the use of bitcoin among the country’s retail outlets.

To achieve this, InPay will provide local retailers with payment terminals and educate them on the legal and tax-related aspects of implementing digital currency payments at their businesses.

The question of bitcoin’s legal status was previously addressed in a policy document signed by the country’s Deputy Minister of Finance, Wojciech Kowalczyk and released in July 2013, as earlier reported.

The document stated that, under Polish law, bitcoin and other digital currencies cannot be considered as legal currencies, as they are not universally treated as such by Poles.

As a result, all transactions made in bitcoins are to be considered as a result of two parties agreeing contractually to use the digital currency in settling their dealings, according to the policy document.

The finance ministry also said that the question of the legal status of digital currencies was debated not only in Poland, but also in a number of EU member states, and “all eventual actions related to digital currencies should be taken at international level, in particular at the European Union level.”

Despite the lack of official recognition of bitcoin by national authorities, Poles trade digital currencies on local platforms.

According to data obtained from Bitcoincharts, local bitcoin exchange had, on 20th December, a 30-day volume of some 37,156.5 BTC and 92.68m PLN ($30.59m).

Poland map via Shutterstock

Source: CoinDesk

Alternative to Bitcoin: A Boinc-like client for exchanging CPU-power for money

After having played around a lot with Bitcoin, Litecoin (and all those other coin-thingies), a colleague of mine told me of an alternati... thumbnail 1 summary

After having played around a lot with Bitcoin, Litecoin (and all those other coin-thingies), a colleague of mine told me of an alternative: CoinGeneration!

You download their client “ThreadManager“, which allows you to run 1 thread for free (takes about 10 % CPU power for me). This generates about $1 per day.

Now you have the option to buy additional threads for $50 each, so each thread would generate about $30 per month. That means if you buy 1 thread, you have 2 threads in total which generate you $60 per month.
So you have your money back and even made additional $10 in the first month,
while every additional month makes you $60 / month respectively $720 / year!
Calculate it: For each $50 you spent, you get $360 per year. (imagine: spend $500 and get $3600 per year for doing nothing!)

It also offers an affiliate system so your referrals (and sub-referrals) generate cash for you.

Try it now: CoinGeneration

Bitcoin sinks again as China bans new yuan deposits

The biggest Bitcoin exchange in China said Wednesday that it's no longer accepting yuan deposits, dealing another setback to the virt... thumbnail 1 summary
Bitcoin sinks again as China bans new yuan deposits
The biggest Bitcoin exchange in China said Wednesday that it's no longer accepting yuan deposits, dealing another setback to the virtual currency.

BTC China's announcement on its Twitter-like Sina Weibo account comes two weeks after China's central bank said the country's banks and payments systems were barred from handling the virtual currency.

The exchange said that "due to the reasons that everyone knows, BTC China has to temporarily stop its yuan account recharging functions."

Account holders can still top up their accounts using Bitcoins and withdraw yuan, the exchange said.

"BTC China will continue to operate. Please continue to monitor our website, we will try to offer another way to recharge," it said.

The price of Bitcoins tumbled after the midday announcement, sinking as low as 2,503 yuan ($412) by early evening after starting the day at 3,755 yuan ($618).

The Chinese central bank warned earlier this month that Bitcoins don't have any legal status or monetary equivalent and shouldn't be used as currency, adding that financial institutions and payment systems could not sell, trade or store Bitcoins.

The measures reflect growing concern by authorities that the cybercurrency, which is created, distributed and authenticated independently of any bank or government, could pose a viable alternative to China's tightly controlled yuan, which is not freely convertible.

The relative anonymity of Bitcoins holds out the promise of being able to spend money across the Internet without scrutiny. Despite wild swings in value, the cybercurrency has been moving toward broader acceptance, with a growing number of companies accepting Bitcoins, which can be converted into cash.

Source : CBC News

That Swedish Bitcoin Mining Company Has Sold $28 Million-Worth Of Its New Mining Hardware

KnCMiner | Bitcoin businesses are booming, that's Especially now 42 % of Americans know what Bitcoin is - but there jocko few busin... thumbnail 1 summary
top bitcoin miner

KnCMiner | Bitcoin businesses are booming, that's Especially now 42 % of Americans know what Bitcoin is - but there jocko few businesses as revenue -rich as Bitcoin mining development .

Background : Bitcoins are mined by computers unscrambling blocks of " hashes " or complex strings of numbers and letters . This tends to be an expensive and labor- intensive proposition - The Fastest Miners cost Thousands of dollars now , and Sonny eat up lots of electricity and manhours of setup .

We recently that's Reported KNC Miner , a Swedish developer of Bitcoin Miners, limit SOLD $ 8 million of its latest model , the Neptune , in 24 hours . When it drops in early 2014 ( the date Remains a bit amorphous ) , the Neptune could be the Most Powerful and efficient Miner in the world , depending on what the competition looks like at that's time ( it's impossible to say how many Bitcoins it cans mine Because the mining Difficulty rate, Which goes upward as more Bitcoins are mined , will have changed When it's released ) .

Today , we got new figures on Neptune sales : t he first 1,200 Neptunes were SOLD exclusively to existing customers , at a price of $ 10,000 for a total of $ 12 million , Ian Chaffee , a press rep for the company , Told us in an email.

The next batch of 1,200 were SOLD to new customers for $ 12.999 each , for a total of $ 15,598,800 . Them That gets to a grand total of $ 27,598,800 , excluding Taxes .
The figure nearly matches the company 's potentials revenues for its first seven months of production and sales of its models Earlier , Chaffee says .

It's not clear how the margins on one of these babies is - Alex Lawn , a KNC employee who recently Came by BI 's offices to Demonstrate an eradication program model , would only tell us the retail price is enough to cover the costs .

But it's a sign of how far Bitcoin 's come .

Source : Yahoo News

Bitcoin fund raises $65M after two months

A fund established to offer Investors exposure to Bitcoin is holding around $ 65 million in the digital currency after two months in oper... thumbnail 1 summary
free bitcoin
A fund established to offer Investors exposure to Bitcoin is holding around $ 65 million in the digital currency after two months in operation, its creator , SecondMarket Chief Executive Officer Barry Silbert , said on Wednesday .

Silbert Told a group of Journalists at his company 's New York headquarters the fund, named the Bitcoin Investment Trust, has 90 Investors , Among Them hedge fund traders and private family investment Firms .

Using investor contributions and seed money of more than $ 2 million from SecondMarket , the BIT , as it is known , has been buying Bitcoins from a wide array of sources , Pendahuluan exchanges , merchants and individual users . The fund is also buying the digital currency from " Miners, " who are Producing it by running programs that's INTERACT with Bitcoin 's software to make new units of the currency.

The BIT is structured like an electronically traded fund and modeled , according to Silbert , after one of the prominent Most gold ETFs , but it is not Publicly Traded and will not be for s tourism more years . SecondMarket launched the fund at the end of September .

As the value of the floating currency , which is not governed by any central bank or company , increases , shares in the BIT will increase is in value too .

The price of one unit of Bitcoin was listed at $ 920 on the website of Mt.Gox , a firm buys and Sells that's Bitcoin in exchange for dollars and other currencies . A year ago , on November 11 , it was $ 361 , according to Mt.Gox .

The Most direct competition with Silbert 's fund Come from Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss , the twin brothers Famous for Their legal battle with Mark Zuckerberg over the founding of Facebook . The two unwrap Earlier this year They would launch a Publicly Traded Trust ETF called All Winklevoss Bitcoin . They are awaiting Approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission .

Silbert said he decided not to wait for SEC Approval to launch SecondMarket 's fund Because It Could take years . SecondMarket is known as a platform for selling and trading private Investments.

In a statement to Reuters on Wednesday Cameron Winklevoss said: " We Designed our product to Allow All Investors to be Able to invest and not believe that the SEC review is an IMPORTANT part of the process .

" Trading on an exchange as a public vehicle Removes friction and ORARI Shareholders with liquidity and transparency , " he added .

SecondMarket was one of the two Most prominent places to trade shares of Facebook BEFORE the social media company 's initial public offerings debuted . Silbert said early next year BIT Investors will be Able to begin trading in the shares of the fund on a limited basis through a process similar to the pre -IPO Facebook trading.

Silbert said new SEC rules stemming from a 2012 law known as the JOBS Act, Which lifted the ban on advertising by private investment companies, have helped draw new customers to the fund .

" We knew the JOBS Act was a big opportunity , " Silbert said , adding the targeted new freedoms allowed limit SecondMarket to start a website displaying the fund 's performance and to describe the fund to a wider pool of Potential Investors. " It's been Huge . "

People Whose personal wealth meets standards Certain cans now buy into the fund through three brokerages selling shares in it to customers with self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts. Fidelity last week became the latest brokerage to begin selling shares BIT , joining Pensco and Entrust .

To invest in the BIT , Individuals have to CIH Their net worth is $ 1 million , not counting primary residence , or that's They draw annual incomes of more than $ 200,000 . The minimum buy-in amount is $ 25,000 .

Critics have said the JOBS Act will Expose more people with Fragile Finances to Potential scams or simply to deals with a high likelihood of collapse.

Silbert said SecondMarket tries to determine whether Potential Investors handle the risks Our cans of Investing in the fund Bitcoin BEFORE describing the fund in detail to Them .

" It's still a really risky investment , " he said. " Bitcoin MIGHT still go away . "

Source© Thomson Reuters 2013

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Bitcoin reshaping future of money

Tech gurus, executives and investors lined up at the 'Le Web' conference in Paris Tuesday to predict a bright future for Bitcoin... thumbnail 1 summary
what is bitcoin

Tech gurus, executives and investors lined up at the 'Le Web' conference in Paris Tuesday to predict a bright future for Bitcoin, challenging critics who have emphasized the risks associated with the digital currency.

"I think there is a lot more that is going to happen in the world of money very quickly, and that's because of Bitcoin," said Fred Wilson, a tech investor known for his early bets on Twitter (TWTR) and Kickstarter.

Related: What is Bitcoin?

"We will now see payments and money flow on the Internet in the same way that content flows on the Internet and in the same way that images flow on the Internet," he said, adding that this was one of the most "investable" trends he could see.

Companies such as PayPal, Visa (V, Fortune 500) or Mastercard (MA, Fortune 500) would not control the flow of digital money, Wilson said.

PayPal President David Marcus also hopped on the Bitcoin bandwagon, revealing that he owns bitcoins himself and saying he could imagine people using them on the eBay (EBAY, Fortune 500) platform in future.

However, Bitcoin's volatility would have to come down before it would be more widely adopted as a unit of exchange.

"It's not a [real] currency and it won't be a currency until volatility slows down," he said.
Related: China cracks down on Bitcoin

The value of a bitcoin has soared this year -- from roughly $13 in January to well over $1,200 -- on hopes that the experiment in digital money will eventually become a legitimate global currency. It was trading at $947 on the Mt.Gox exchange Tuesday.

Bitcoin has received a measure of support from Officials at the Federal Reserve, Pendahuluan chairman Ben Bernanke, who said the currency "may hold long-term Promise" as part of the international payment system.

There are already Plenty of legitimate Uses for bitcoins. But it's also being used to anonymously buy drugs, hire Assassins, trade child porn and dodge Taxes - and that's has drawn the attention of U.S. lawmakers.

Advocates of the unregulated currency have Plenty of convincing to do elsewhere, too.
China's central bank last week Issued new rules that's Prohibit Berhad institutions from dealing in bitcoins.

While the central bank did not outlaw or Prohibit Individuals from owning Bitcoin, the guidelines specify that's it is not to be Considered a currency.

source : CNN money

What is Bitcoin? Part 11

In this brief article I share some important points Bitcoin 4W1H format - What, Why, Where, Who, How. |  What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin (s... thumbnail 1 summary

In this brief article I share some important points Bitcoin 4W1H format - What, Why, Where, Who, How. | 

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (symbol: BTC or XBT) is actually an online currency used to make online transactions without intermediaries by the central authorities. Meaning no body like the Federal Reserve or the banks that control Bitcoin. Bitcoin concept was introduced around 2008 by the developer by the nickname "Satoshi Nakamoto".

If we look today, fiat money (paper money) that we use today comes from supply its central bank or federal reserve their respective countries but to print money without reliance upon any. In other words printed money supply is unlimited. In fact even today the U.S. government prints $ 85 billion per month under the Quantitative Easing 3 (QE3).

Interestingly supply of online currency Bitcoin is not as unlimited. Bitcoin to be 'mined' by the 'miners' Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is not out there but online as well. How to get Bitcoin miners is to solve a mathematical algorithm. Bitcoin miners are getting more and more difficult mathematical algorithm to be solved.

Because of that, Bitcoin limited supply, which as of today number around 12 million bitcoins. Bitcoin is traded 24 hours a day, every day. There is a short video that explains what the Bitcoin in easy to understand format and can be viewed on

How Bitcoin Used?

This present age , we do a lot of transactions made ​​online. The concept of shopping is also getting changed . No doubt there are many who like to go to stores or shopping malls to see and experience the first items to be purchased. But there are also some things we do not necessarily want to store to hold , reconciliation, see yourself live just about to buy .

For example, the book , just go to and we can find the books we want , but also can preview content before purchasing the book . If that is just a click on the ' Check Out ' . Many other examples , including gadgets . My sister bought the Samsung Note her own online.

If the seller of the item is in Malaysia may be we use online banking such as Maybank2u , CIMB Clicks and others, but if the seller is at Oversea we need a credit card, paypal ( paypal is also linked to a credit card & paypal charges around 4 % . Again high ! ) and the internationally accepted .

Here comes the role of Bitcoin actually . If we use a credit card there is an intermediary bank in the middle of our transaction while Bitcoin - an online currency , there is no intermediary between sellers and buyers. Managing more direct and simple.
Why Bitcoin ?

When a credit card transaction , the bank will usually charge around 2 % - 3 % per transaction . So this is seen as a drawback for a business reason to lower profit margins or some dealers charge 2 % - 3 % of this to their customers back .

Imagine if we buy gold at $100, 000 and payment is made by credit card . Then we charged 3 % of the transaction of $100 , 000 . How much is 3 % ?

That is also why Public Gold does not accept credit cards as a payment method at the moment as not to burden the customer .

So why Bitcoin ?

Moreover it is no intermediary to every transaction between the seller and buyer and also safe for use kryptografi strong charges by Bitcoin is low. Much lower than that charged 2 % -3 % credit card .

In addition, by using Bitcoin issue of cloning or identity theft online credit card can be avoided. Kryptografi sound system makes Bitcoin is very safe to use .

In 2012, The Economist reported Bitcoin is gaining popularity because of its role in the market 'crafty' online. What is meant by 'market crafty'?

In October 2013, the FBI has shut down a market 'cunning' is the name of the Silk Road. Silk Road is a black market like ebay or amazon but goods are drugs! In operation the raid on the Silk Road, the FBI seized 1.5% of the total bitcoins available in the market.

Screen capture Silk Road before it closed the authorities
On 27 November 2013, Bitcoin prices have surged to a record above $ 1,000 for the first time, an increase of 400% in less than a month. Bitcoin reached a high of $ 1.073 in the exchange market in Tokyo base of Mt. Gox, Bitcoin opertor best known in the market, compared to the $ 900 price of the previous day.

At the beginning of the month, the price of Bitcoin is only about $ 215.
Rise so dramatically in a short time makes some thought Bitcoin is as overvalued as well as demand & supply factors are also driving the increase. For some they see it as a 'bubble' of the asset is still considered a mystery by this crowd.

Where & Who?
Bitcoin is not backed by any physical asset and Bitcoin is also not carried out by any individual or group. Bitcoin value depends on the public's trust in the online currency.

Bitcoin has been legally adopted in the public community, business and investment is growing every day, but not yet accepted by large retailers like for the moment.
"Not just the Bitcoin community only say use Bitcoin is good and also has enormous potential. Even members of Congress and U.S. government agencies also agree with the statement "
                                                                                                        Jinyoung Lee Englund
                                                                    Bitcoin Foundation spokesman in Washington

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3 Million Dollars In Time 4 Days (bitcoin)

The best bitcoin mining. |  Bitcoin is a digital currency. Just like cash as well. Bitcoin can be sent around the world without having ... thumbnail 1 summary
the best bitcoin mining

The best bitcoin mining. |  Bitcoin is a digital currency. Just like cash as well. Bitcoin can be sent around the world without having to use the bank and no high fees charged

Actually quite difficult for me to describe Bitcoin's story, for those who are familiar with the Deep Web may Bitcoin is not foreign to them. For us normal people, it's enough to know to take a general knowledge.But you can learn what is bitcoin .
What Is BitCoin (Getting Started With BitCoin)

And with Bitcoin has also managed to give a good profit to Sam Cole, Marcus Erlandssona and Adrea Kennemer. Within 4 days, the three of them managed to generate $ 3 million.

Although the Company does not have them KnCMiner nor trade Bitcoins Bitcoin. Yet they managed to produce a computer "special" enabling others "mine" Bitcoin in cyberspace.

KnCMiner has managed to sell 5,000 units of Bitcoin computer. The price of a computer is USD 7,000 per unit, they also accept Bitcoin as payment.

The proceeds from this special computer fast enough. Within 5 minutes KnCMiner generated USD 600,000.

According Adrea Kennemer using the fastest computer model (Jupiter) could generate 0.6 coins per day for a computer unit.

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Company Of Canada Special Issue Debit Cards For Bitcoin.

Company Of Canada Special Issue Debit Cards For Bitcoin. | Canada was in crypto -currency headlines just last week after Robocoin that&#... thumbnail 1 summary
bitcoin debit card

Company Of Canada Special Issue Debit Cards For Bitcoin. | Canada was in crypto -currency headlines just last week after Robocoin that's unwrap the first ever ATM Bitcoin was operating in a coffee shop in Vancouver . Now it seems the Canucks are going full bore over Bitcoin adoption with Canadian companies with Coinkite and Virtex announcing Bitcoin Their debit card services to the public .

Coinkite , the more ambitious of the two , has its sights set on becoming is what They call a " Crypto - Bank . " What this means , essentially , is that's They plan to offer many of the same services as banks like checking and savings accounts , just only for crypto -currency . This avoids many of the regulatory issues Involved with calling themselves a traditional bank . Among Coinkite 's more intriguing services is solely for For further physical Bitcoin debit card. Using a new POS system supplied to merchants from Coinkite , users with a swipe cans Coinkite Their Bitcoin account debit card in-store , transferring funds instantly between the customer and the merchant .

While Coinkite 's Bitcoin payment service is certainly novel , the company must still deal with the Difficult task of convincing merchants to pay to use and set up new POS hardware to make Their Bitcoin debit cards Usable ( merchants cans print out a QR code and have users pay Their through phone , but as we've seen , mobile payment adoption is a hassle all on its own .

This is where Virtex 's Bitcoin debit card shines as a truly viable Bitcoin payment service. Technically a Bitcoin exchange service, Virtex handles both digital and standard currency. Utilizing this , Virtex has been Able to bypass Virtually all of the hassles that's come with Bitcoin payment services by Their Treating Bitcoin like a standard debit card prepaid card. Users cans Their exchange bitcoins from your account into Canadian Dollars and load syringe straight ur Canadian Their branded bank cards . These cards work with Interac POS systems and ATMs , of Which there are over 750,000 and 58,000 Terminals already available in Canada .

Like all debit cards , there are still fees attached for Most Transactions . Withdrawing money at an ATM will cost you $ 2 from Virtex plus LTD Whatever the ATM charges , and paying for things in-store will run you $ 1.50 per transaction .

Could you say while exchanging your bitcoins into standard currency BEFORE Using it with Virtex is technically cheating , until Coinkite 's POS system Catches up to Interac , Virtex may be the easiest way to pay with bitcoins yet.

Regardless of which company Catches on , both are major breakthroughs in Bitcoin payment services and liquidity, and another step Towards universal adoption Bitcoin .

Source : PaymentWeek

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Bitcoin convention brings out hope for digital currency's future

Bitcoin convention brings out hope for digital currency's future | LAS VEGAS – Even as the liquor flowed at a late night-party in a p... thumbnail 1 summary
Bitcoin convention brings out hope for digital currency's future | LAS VEGAS – Even as the liquor flowed at a late night-party in a plush Las Vegas suite, chatter about the business of Bitcoin never flagged.

Among the overwhelmingly male crowd gathered in Las Vegas for only the second Bitcoin convention in the cyber-currency's history, the passion for the unregulated, computer-generated money is clear.

Bitcoin is already the 75th-most-valuable currency on earth, says David Johnston, CEO of Engine and executive director of BitAngels, an entrepreneur and angel investor group funding digital currency. Johnston expects Bitcoin to crack the top 10.

The enthusiasm is not unfounded. Since January, the value of one Bitcoin has soared from $13 to more than $1,000, creating instant millionaires among some of Bitcoin's earliest investors.

The new-found wealth has freed many of the programmers, techies, financial analysts and rocket scientists from their day jobs, allowing them to focus full time on creating the consumer applications, Bitcoin stores and security systems that they hope will vault Bitcoin into the mainstream.

More than 600 people registered for the Inside Bitcoins convention, up from a few hundred at the first Bitcoin conference last summer, says Alan Meckler, CEO of MediaBistro, the conference organizer. The number of exhibitors has jumped from three in July to 22 on Wednesday.

"It's the closest thing to the beginning of the Internet than I've ever seen," Meckler says.

The conference is still tiny and without the glamorous trappings of powerhouse conventions such as the Consumer Electronics Show, which attracts thousands of attendees with whiz-bang demonstrations and high-tech luminaries, including Bill Gates. They're wedged into a small hall, outnumbered by a firefighters convention and thousands of cowboys in town for an international rodeo competition.

The motley collection of Bitcoiners hail from the well-heeled of Wall Street, including J.P. Morgan and Visa, and the flannel and Google Glass-wearing grunge set from the West Coast.

There are hipsters in bell-bottom jeans and corduroy jackets. Former Washington, D.C., mayor Adrian Fenty is here. There are libertarians whose philosophy craves a decentralized, limited currency.

"One of the first things that attracted me is it's a currency for the world. It's not specific to any country and might be most useful in the developing world," says Justus Ranvier, 33, a Bitcoin blogger and activist from Austin, who spoke at the conference.

Ranvier wrote in Bitcoin Magazine that he "indefinitely suspended pursuit of an electrical engineering degree in order to promote Bitcoin adoption and work on various projects which help to develop the emerging Bitcoin economy."

Many Bitcoin businesses have sprung from the mind of serial entrepreneurs, clever techies such as George Burke who leveraged his Internet skills to create an eBook-swapping serve that works with Nook and Kindle, but is now moving on to a Bitcoin project.

There are seasoned investors who see potential in a cybercoin of the realm. Attorneys from the white shoe law firm Pillsbury are here to offer the intellectual property skills.

Jaron Lukasiewicz, CEO of Coinsetter, a foreign exchange trading platform for Bitcoin, and a former investment banker, says the market for Bitcoin is changing as the value increases. More traditional financial players on Wall Street and high-net-worth investors are showing interest, says Lukasiewicz, who also co-founded Ticketometer, an online ticket sales business.

Last week, Bank of America and the Central Bank of China both weighed in on opposite sides on the viability of Bitcoin. Chinese Bitcoin investors have driven up to 70% of the trading, he said.

"People are taking it a lot more seriously now," he said. "It's really become a real currency to a lot of people."

Source - USA TODAY

PayPal president David Marcus: Bitcoin is good, NFC is bad

The leader of the payments business looks to the future and says Bitcoin is a good idea -- but not yet actually a currency. Tap-to-pay, ... thumbnail 1 summary

The leader of the payments business looks to the future and says Bitcoin is a good idea -- but not yet actually a currency. Tap-to-pay, meanwhile, is a dud.

PARIS -- Online payments will look completely different in the next decade, and Bitcoin has a better chance at revolutionizing commerce than the NFC tap-to-pay technology, PayPal President David Marcus predicted Tuesday.

"I really like Bitcoin. I own bitcoins," Marcus said at the LeWeb conference here. However, he believes people today don't correctly understand what bitcoins actually are, and he's not yet ready to let people link their bitcoin wallets with their PayPal accounts.
People are confused. They think because it's called cryptocurrency it's a currency. I don't think it is a currency. It's a store of value, a distributed ledger. It's a great place to put assets, especially in places like Argentina with 40 percent inflation, where $1 today is worth 60 cents in a year, and a government's currency does not hold value. It's also a good investment vehicle if you have an appetite for risk. But it won't be a currency until volatility slows down. Whenever the regulatory framework is clearer, and the volatility comes down, then we'll consider it. 
Also, bitcoins aren't widely enough accepted by merchants yet, Marcus added.
Marcus is paying close attention to payment changes as part of his effort to re-energize an eBay service that grew sluggish and complacent after the early dot-com years. He's trying to fostering innovation at the company and cater to developers, particularly those at start-ups.
Although he has some concerns about bitcoin, he's unequivocal about near-field communications (NFC), the very short-range radio communication that can let people tap a credit card or mobile phone to a payment terminal.

"It's technology for the sake of technology or for the sake of pushing the agenda of the companies supporting it, versus solving real people's problems," Marcus said of NFC.
"Instead swiping or using a PIN pad, they're tapping. How is that really better? How is that changing your life? People don't want that," he said. It's not a question of whether people at a payment terminal would prefer to tap or swipe, he said, but a reality that people don't want to go to a payment terminal at all.

Other changes are more likely, he predicted.

"Today a merchant has Internet connectivity at the point-of-sale terminal. All the consumers have phones with wireless networks," he said. "Why do you need to be at a place in a store to make a payment? [NFC is] too little too late."

Other changes will be a gradual transformation of retail to become just part of online sales.

"I think the retail chains will have to reinvent themselves," he said. They'll be showrooms where people can check out products then buy them later online. They'll be logistics centers where people can pick up items quickly that they ordered online. They'll be warehouses from which companies can ship products quickly to online purchasers.
Naturally, PayPal hopes to be part of those transactions, and to help make them easier. People like shopping but not paying, and PayPal can ease the hassles, he said.
"If we're successful, we'll make payments invisible," Marcus said. 

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Bitcoin Affilates Program

Bitcoin Affilates Program |  Below is an affiliates program to generate your Bitcoin. By promoting Bitcoin affiliates link, you have th... thumbnail 1 summary

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Chinese vendors stop taking bitcoins as a result of new regulations

Chinese vendors that's Previously accepted bitcoins stopped doing so just days after China MOVED to ban banks from trading in the vir... thumbnail 1 summary
Chinese vendors stop taking bitcoins as a result of new regulations
Chinese vendors that's Previously accepted bitcoins stopped doing so just days after China MOVED to ban banks from trading in the virtual currency.

Baidu said Friday it limits temporarily stopped accepting bitcoins as payment for a hosting optimization service it offers , Jiasule , blaming the move on the recent regulations , and also on the Bitcoin price fluctuations .

Jiasule PROMISES TO dramatically improved website performance and security . Back in October , the company unwrap the service would accept bitcoins , pointing to Their Growing Popularity in the country .

Local smartphone vendors and smartwatch Geak limit Bitcoin also jumped on the Bandwagon in late November . Several customers bought products Using the limit cryptocurrency , that's with Geak claiming it was the first Chinese company to Allow commercial Bitcoin Transactions .

Boot following China 's announcement of plans to regulate the virtual currency , said it would Geak Immediately cease accepting bitcoins .

A grocery store in the Chinese city of Harbin also gained some media attention in September as an early adopter of bitcoins . But on Sunday, the store said it was dropping the service.

China objects to Bitcoin Partly Because the cryptocurrency is not controlled by a central authority . In Reading and Listening , Bitcoin exchanges have been used to scam Investors, and the currency 's price Remains volatile , creating the risk For those who buy it , according to local Authorities .

The nation , however, will continue to Allow the public to buy bitcoins , but under tighter Scrutiny . Chinese regulators plan to carry out anti -money laundering measures with sites that deal in the virtual currency , Pendahuluan requiring users to register with real Their Identities When making Transactions .

Before China 's announcement , bitcoins were trading as high as $ 1,200. But since then , the price has fallen to below $ 1,000 , according to the Tokyo -based Mt. Gox exchange .

Chinese are buying the MSI Bitcoin as a form of investment , according to BTC China , the country 's largest exchange . Vendors adoption has still been in the early stages, BTC China 's CEO Bobby Lee said in October .

A few small merchants on Chinese e -commerce site Taobao, however, continue to take bitcoins . One that's Sells wine merchant said on Monday it would accept the virtual currency.

BitCoin Bonus Programs (Free BitCoin)

These websites have bonus programs that's Allow you to earn bitcoins by doing things like taking surveys, answering questions, tryin... thumbnail 1 summary
BitCoin Bonus Programs (Free BitCoin)

These websites have bonus programs that's Allow you to earn bitcoins by doing things like taking surveys, answering questions, trying apps, viewing advertisements, referring others to the website, and making purchases at other websites. Some of these have many of the same offers (but Different They give payouts for Those Participating in the Offers).

  • Free Digital Money Earn bitcoins by participating in sponsored offers. There are approximately 1000 offers available. Some offers are free and some require a purchase. Bitcoins are sent to you immediately after you participate in each offer. No account is needed to participate in offers.
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  • Rugatu Q&A Get bitcoins by answering questions that other members have posted. A great way to do some freelancing job if you have an area of expertise and help support the bitcoin community. Sometimes higher value bounties are posted for programmers or media artists. You can login with your existing google, facebook, yahoo or openid account.
  • Bitvisitor Earn bitcoins by visiting participating websites. Enter a bitcoin address to start visiting websites. No signup required. Each visit must last 5 minutes and requires entering a captcha. Payment is sent immediately after each visit. Website owners bid on how much they will pay for each visit.
  • EarnFreeBitcoins Similar to Bitvisitor, you earn bitcoins for visiting websites. No signup, but you must visit each website for the specified period of time, and also enter a captcha in order to receive payment. Payments are queued to reduce transaction fees.
  • BitcoinGet Earn bitcoins for watching videos, completing tasks, and completing offers. No signup required. Just enter your Bitcoin address to start earning. No minimum payout. Payments are made daily to reduce transaction fees.
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  • TryBTC Features interactive tutorials in which users are given a small amount of Bitcoin to send to charitable causes and share with friends. In the process they are taught about concepts such as wallets, addresses, transactions, and the Bitcoin Blockchain. You get to keep up to 5 cents in BTC at the end.

Next we will update with BitCoin Affiliates.Earn Money With Bitcoin Affiliates.

What Is BitCoin (Getting Started With BitCoin)

The Original Bitcoin Client is free, open-source software. The current version is 0.8.5, you're free to download it here: Window ... thumbnail 1 summary
What Is BitCoin (Getting Started With BitCoin)

The Original Bitcoin Client is free, open-source software. The current version is 0.8.5, you're free to download it here:

Window                                                  Mac                                                     Linux
Window Setup (9.2MB)                          Mac Installer (12.0MB)                       Code & Binaries (11mb)
Download Here                                     Download Here                                   Download Here

After downloading, simply install the client on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. It will automatically create a wallet for you and start downloading the transaction history. (Future versions will have a "lightweight" mode where this is not necessary.)

Another way to get a wallet is to get one online at Coinbase or MyWallet. With this option you don't have to install anything, but you have to take great care not to lose your password and you're trusting that site to keep your wallet safe.

Once your wallet is set up, you'll get your first Bitcoin address, which means you're ready to receive Bitcoins!

Step 2 - Get Bitcoins

Not the most convenient way, but bonus programs offer small amounts of Bitcoins when making other purchases, for completing surveys etc.

           Medium amount of coins

Physical Bitcoins are available through Casascius and BitBills. Those places only accept Bitcoin, but you can get them with a credit card through MemoryDealers. You do pay a markup for the production and delivery, but it's a fairly easy way to get moderate amounts of coins. Plus the physical coins make a great and memorable gift!

          Large amount of coins

         For larger purchases there are several currency exchanges, such as Mt. Gox, Bitstamp, CampBX, Intersango and Virtex (CA).

Fund your exchange accounts or buy Bitcoin directly at one of over 700 000 locations worldwide via BitInstant.

If you prefer skipping the exchange and dealing directly with other people you can head over to Bitcoin OTC.  

What to do with my Bitcoins?

You can find lots of Bitcoin-related services on the Trade page in the Bitcoin Wiki.

Check out Bitcoin's largest online auction house at BitMit!

An increasing number of physical stores, restaurants and other venues accept Bitcoin as well. Check Bitcoin Travel and Bitcoin Navigator to see if there are any in your area.

Turn your Bitcoins into gift cards from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and many more at Or get gift codes for services like XBoxLive, PSN or iTunes instantly online at

Buy music, ebooks, wallpapers and other downloadable content at CoinDL!

You might also want to check the Bitcoin Marketplace forum on

Over-the-counter trading is being done via IRC chat in Bitcoin OTC (#bitcoin-otc on Freenode).