BitCoin Mining Is It Profitable?

How the heck do I do Bitoin Mining ? Many people come to the web and blog that discusses about BitCoin to figure out how to mining ( mine )... thumbnail 1 summary
How the heck do I do Bitoin Mining ? Many people come to the web and blog that discusses about BitCoin to figure out how to mining ( mine ) BitCoin ! In his mind , if it can do BitCoin Mining , 'll definitely get rich , a lot of money ! Because it seems anyway , BitCoin Mining it is an easy job !

BitCoin Mining job easier ? WRONG ! Back in 2009 may indeed easy ! but now NO LONGER ! Why does this happen ? Because of the difficulty level of activity continues to grow as the discovery of 25 BTC mining process .

Mining  solo or mining alone with the hope of gaining 25 BTC to enjoy themselves already MAY NOT done , needs special hardware and operational costs are very EXPENSIVE Sodara ! It is certain , a miner who wanted action hero one-man show will be bankrupt before he could find the first block containing 25 BTC

Mining or mining pool together in an association miner is also not as easy as imagined . BTC Guild , for example , we still need special hardware is up- to-date plus must have operational funds for miningnya ( pay electricity , pay the ISP for internet access etc. ) .

Record :

Do not do BitCoin Mining using paid internet access based on data usage quota . Ahh ! At the very least you need unlimited internet access is ...

Do not do BitCoin Mining with hardware barely fit - especially using personal computer notebook - why ? because the mining process requires large computing resources - could be a personal computer or notebook and even broken first earnings you get from the pool can not replace the natural damage your hardware .

So what then?

Perhaps the only way is to join in the Cloud Mining ! Especially that? It is about doing BitCoin mining with hiring ' hardware ' a pool belonging to someone else or rented hardware provided by a particular company .

Currently , the only Cloud Mining on the market is that the services provided by the Pool mining named GHASH.IO with its subsidiaries named CEX.IO. The way it works is we buy GH / s of them to do the mining ! We do not need to bother with the affairs of the hardware installation , the cost of electricity , the cost of the Internet - by buying Gh / s we can directly perform BitCoin mining automatically!

Cloud Mining in Cex.IO has two advantages , first Gh / s that we buy will make the mining result will be our gain ( after deducting the fee ) . And secondly , Gh / s that we can sell back - but if you want to sell Gh / s make sure the market prices are rising , so we do not lose money .

The bad news ? Already mentioned the word ' buy ' so this is not a free program . We must have the funds in the form of BitCoin to buy Gh / s are . Yes ! They only accept BitCoin to transact .

experience :

On December 4, 2013 . 0.01050079 BTC to my deposit account in Cex.IO. Then I spend it all to buy Gh / S and the purchase price at the time I was only able to buy a 0.1 Gh / s an alias 100 Mh / s only.

With resource 0.1 Gh / s , which I got from the BitCoin mining is ....

"Can BitCoinnya?"

"Can, Ma! But a little small ..."


But the plus side .... I do not need a computer to be online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, imagine how tormented the computer is forced to perform hashing resourcenya continuously, imagine moving power meter ... not to mention internet access!


Over time, I learned to re-invest BitCoin cloud obtained from mining to buy Gh / s extra ....

I currently have 0.15845976 Gh / s ... and following the appearance of the results of mining ..

Koq seems the same results .. Yup yup ! Still remember that the level of difficulty of mining continues to grow as the discovery of a new block block ? This suggests that we should continue to ' upgrade ' or add Gh / s to pursue the degree of difficulty ...

Plus ... conduct mining using the Pool for the results are also based on the size of Gh / s owned , those with Gh / s will certainly get a larger share more!

The plan would try to buy 1 Gh / s directly to see how the performance miningnya .. The current price of 1 Gh / s = 0.072 BTC that if the rupiahkan around 760 100 rupees. Hmmm ... really risky investment dah ! ! Buy ga ya ?

By the way , what do you think ? BitCoin Mining Shall it be profitable?

Dictionary : Gh / s - Giga stands HASH per Second ( Hash Rate ) . - Hash Rate is a measure of the strength of the unit of data processing or mathematical calculation of the Bitcoin network . Bitcoin network should make it instensif mathematical operations for security reasons . When the network reaches level 10 TH hash / sec , it means he can perform 10 trillion calculations per second .

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