Bitcoin Mining Not For Everyone

Bitcoin mining . Topics on this one apparently much sought after ! It seems like everyone wants to do to get a mining or mining Bitcoin ...... thumbnail 1 summary
Bitcoin mining . Topics on this one apparently much sought after ! It seems like everyone wants to do to get a mining or mining Bitcoin ... for FREE ! Duh !

Really cheap let alone for free ? Let us discuss about the Bitcoin mining ...

Discussing about Bitcoin mining is not easy , meticulous language and IT really impressed - often ordinary people ' ga ngeh ' and then blame the person giving the information because they do not provide the complete information !

Bitcoin mining was what the heck ? The answer lay , Bitcoin mining is a process of ' mathematical calculations ' that occurs in the Bitcoin network . What is the purpose? The purpose of the process of mathematical calculations in the Bitcoin network is to make Bitcoin transaction verification process , the verification databases and also find a new block containing ' fresh bitcoin ' in the Bitcoin database . Those who do this process called Bitcoin Miner - the miner 's get their fee from the transaction verification and bitcoin block database from which they are found . OK sip - a promising job instead ? With the current price of Bitcoin ... it could mean a sudden millionaire ! : P

And then every single person wants to do what is called Bitcoin mining , in his mind every computer can certainly do this . Yup ! of course , each computer is able to perform mathematical calculations because the basic functions of a computer . This paper appears in the screen of your monitor for example , this occurs because of the mathematical calculations on your computer .

But then the problem is , in the process of Bitcoin mining activity was not like the process that occurs when your computer displays it on the screen montitor writing , not like when you click on an MP3 file and then process the computer to play an audio ( sound ) - a process which occurred in the Bitcoin mining is a process which is more severe because his job is to ' open up ' the data locked or encrypted data in a computer system is a high level of data security ! So as to make Bitcoin mining requires a computer system with high processing power.

Let us identify the stages of Bitcoin mining !

CPU Mining - yup ! CPU is the Central Processing Unit is on your computer ( Intel , AMD and others ) . Bitcoin mining with CPUs ' once ' was used in the early days of the birth of Bitcoin . Once ? Yup ! It was not now , CPU mining is deprecated ! why ? because the level of difficulty that must be processed in the mining process are no longer able to be done by a CPU

GPU Mining - When the CPU is no longer able to do the mining process , it was found that the GPU ( Graphical Processing Unit ) ... Yup ! Video Card that is in your computer that it can be used for mining purposes ? The logic is similar to CPU usage - not to display the images and color images that also requires a ' process of computer ' - even in the GPU process is much higher than that can be handled by the CPU . Finally, it was found that the production of AMD's GPU is better to use dlam Bitcoin mining activities rather than production nVidia GPU - and eventually ATI Radeon HD 5870 GPU mining is considered as the most effective medium both in terms of price and output results miningnya .

FPGA Mining - stands for Field Programmable Gate Array . Wow ! hell is this ? This is where the beginning of the birth of Bitcoin mining industry .

In the era of CPU and GPU - Bitcoin mining can be done by using a personal computer ( desktop , laptop ) - but one issue that always comes up! The level of difficulty to be processed continues to increase and eventually GPU also suffer the same fate , no longer able to perform an efficient mining process .

Why is it always the same problem but a scar ,

First - Bitcoin network conditions sepertu it is designed , and the difficulty level of security will always go up every time there is a block that is successfully processed and the discovery of new Bitcoin to circulate in the network . The logic is the same if you find that there is a mountain of gold in it , at first you will easily find gold in the mountains - but the more gold you find , the harder you are to find another gold gold in the mountain ( or the content of gold deposits on the wane )

The second problem , the personal computer is designed to do many things or multitasking - and each task requires resourcenya each ! Have a peek task manager on your computer, there can be seen that each task requires a resource .

And from here then came the idea of the FPGA , why not create a system that di'kondisi'kan such that ONLY SPECIAL to Bitcoin mining ? Not for typing , browsing , playing games , listen to MP3s , watch Youtube .. ESSENTIAL DUTIES HE ONLY HAD ONE ... MINING ! POINT ! !

This is the period in which the loss of computer technology the beauty of the physical form - do not expect to find a computer hardware structure ergonomic shape , slim and beautiful to look at - because it could be the Bitcoin miner to combine all the power of hardware or processing power for Bitcoin mining process ... which then occurs is the appearance as below ... heheh ! !

ASIC Mining - stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuit . Bitcoin mining industry more firmly with ASIC technology . Unlike its predecessor is the ASIC chip technology and hardware specifically designed for Bitcoin Mining purposes only, not for others . In addition to the physical structure of the apparition membarikan mining rigs neater , also provide efiensi ASIC technology in the use of electrical power and also efiensi in processing power to the mining activity itself. ASIC is still used today and is expected to be able to survive until the next two years ...

WoW !

From here you can see , Bitcoin mining industry is not a ' business ' that can be entered by anyone !

Which must be taken into account in Bitcoin mining activities are ...

Internet access costs . Because the mining hardware you absolutely have to connect to the network when bitcoin mining process .

electricity costs . mining or mining rig hardware you need electricity , the greater your ability to process mining rig , The greater the electrical energy required .

Price mining rig - this product was created with a specific purpose . Ahem ! If you look at the current price of Bitcoin , then logically this product is for industrial heavyweight .. ahemm ! ! Potentially generate large amounts of money ! Once again the logic ... the price offered for a product that can make a lot of money that would have been .... NOT CHEAP !

Risk of damage to hardware - if you type the keyword ' bitcoin mining rig ' in Google Images , you'll see a lot of ' fan ' in every picture you find mining rig . Why ? Bitcoin mining is a process that forces the hardware to work optimally , the process continuously and ... Increased TEMPERATURE HEAT is a problem that must inevitably be accepted ! Just like a car or motorcycle engine that carried speeding endlessly - the machine will be HOT ! What happens to the engine speeding vehicles often made ​​without stopping ? without maintenance ... Overhaul aka broken down machines - different from vehicle engines ... computer hardware with the same broken WASTE !


Still think Bitcoin mining is an activity that is cheap especially FREE ?

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