eBay UK to Allow Sale of Virtual Currency from 10th February

eBay is launching a dedicated Virtual Currency category on eBay Classifieds in the UK on 10th February. The Classified Ads category wil... thumbnail 1 summary
bitcoin on ebay
eBay is launching a dedicated Virtual Currency category on eBay Classifieds in the UK on 10th February.

The Classified Ads category will Allow for the sale of all types of digital currency, Bitcoin and litecoin Pendahuluan, eBay Representatives have Confirmed.

eBay Classifieds, Which races, the site posts lists, serves as the site's answer to Craigslist. eBay ORARI the free platform for local buyers and sellers to connect, but does not participate in the Transactions.

Ryan Moore, Manager of Business Communications at eBay, said:

"To promote a Trustworthy marketplace and tanah compliance with applicable regulations, eBay is currently updating its Currency Policy. The updated policy will Clarify that's listings for Bitcoin and other similar virtual currencies must be listed in the Virtual Currency Category in the Classified Ad format.
The Virtual Currency category is expected to be available on the UK site on February 10th. "

A Reddit post spark Earlier today Rumours of the change in policy. The post included an email from eBay stating that's the company does not currently permit listings of digital currencies, that's but this will soon change.

The email reads :

" Please know that our recent per policy update , Virtual Currency (ie Bitcoin and Litecoin ) , whether Digitally or physically delivered , can not be listed in the auction -style or Buy -It- Now listing formats . eBay is opening a Virtual Currency category to Allow the sale of virtual currency in the Classified Ads format on February 10 , 2014.
We request that's you do not list these items until that's date. Please be informed that's repeated breach of the policy may further jeopardize the status of your account . To avoid any inconvenience in future , we'd appreciated it if you go through our help pages or contact us BEFORE listing any items Standard and Poor . "

At press time , the policy change only applies to eBay 's UK site . An eBay customer service representative said : "Our policies are Different sites for different country , so to know more about Other countries , you need to contact the respective eBay sites . "

In December, an eBay user found a that's loopholes enabled him to sell digital currency via the site . He Confirmed Employees from customer service via eBay that's virtual currencies could be SOLD on the platform , provided They are housed in physical items ( like USB sticks or hard drives ) .


Both eBay president John Donahoe and David Marcus, president of eBay-owned PayPal, have shared Their positive views on Bitcoin in recent months, with Donahoe stating he believes that's digital currency is going to be a "very powerful thing" in the future.

Marcus has been much more vocal in his support of Bitcoin, a digital currency labeling "Truly Fascinating" in one interview and even going as far as to call it the future of money in another.

This week, Marcus pledged his support to Bitcoin on Twitter, stating that's Those at PayPal are "Believers in BTC".

Source:  Coindesk

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