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The unitary status eCoin Dollar , also known as the USDE is booking flights to this becoming a serious cryptocurrency Contender on the ... thumbnail 1 summary

The unitary status eCoin Dollar , also known as the USDE is booking flights to this becoming a serious cryptocurrency Contender on the ever - Growing scene of meaningless cloned - Joke - coin projects. USDE 's Strongest asset , aside from its global name recognition and strong community of supporters , is in the fact that's Brings it something fresh to the table - a currency with a mission , to Educate , entertainers and bring about a massive adoption of cryptocurrency to the regular middle- class household, Which is unaware that's alternate forms of payment even exist .

Could Imagine if you travel the world , purchase your airline tickets , food and pay for hotel expensesrelated without Having to worry about Forex exchange rates between the Different countries? Imagine a world in Which people and not Crooked politicians or Greedy bankers decide to true value and the mode of payment They will use ? Pug Most of the world 's fiat currencies , the USDE is debt free , has a hard limit circulation and is powered by and for honest , hard -working people .

Many have been increasingly worried about the recent Tremendous growth in the supply of U.S. dollars , and since the USD is still Considered to be the world 's reserve currency we thought it is worth mentioning this tidbit , Especially since USDE Promises to Compete with FIAT . A Growing number of credentialed industry experts firmly not believe that the fiscal policies of the out- of- control Federal Reserve in the U.S. will bring the global economy , Which largely depends on the USD for international Transactions to The Brink of total financial collapse. 2008 was a brief preview of what will inevitably happen once the world realizes that's the debt generated by adding Zeros to a money 's supply will never be paid off . How valuable one dollar cans truly be if there are over a trillion of Them in circulation and this number is increasing exponentially ? The only thing that's Gives the U.S. dollar and other currencies FIAT any buying power is the fact that's so many people still have faith in their Governments .

But as we enter this new and turbulent century, this faith is Waning . 2013 marks one of The Most Politically dysfunctional years in recent history, and while politicians Promise to play nice from now on , that's -you-can bet there is another gridlock on the horizon for 2014. Other big Governments are no better: Russia seems Trapped in a permanent , poverty - stricken Caste system and Putin likes it that's way : the Chinese government continues to keep an iron grip on nearly every Aspect of Their businesses ( let's not forget that's They Are Seeking to ban Bitcoin and , by extension , all cryptocurrencies ), the Euro -zone is in Decline also, with record unemployment in Spain and with many Economists that's saying the Euro is over- Valued .

With all of this stagnation occurring around the world , it really makes you wonder how fiat currencies have any credibility left . It was recently pointed out that's the United States is " a bank with an army " and that's just about sums it up , does not it ? The only thing that's really Gives strength to any currency is blind belief that's things will be alright and the CONTINUATION of investment in the military via an endless , and convenient war on terror . USDE is here to start changing these troubling trends worldwide . If the value of your paper currency has been on a steady Decline , and Most currency has been Losing value at alarming rates, what makes you not believe that your government is going to clean up overnight Their act and bring sanity back , and put its citizens interest first ? It is time for something fresh - a new approach. We , the people cans and will decide on our own what the real value is , and how we will trade our Conduct .

The second problem with the modern day way of performing international Transactions is the time you have to wait for your transaction to be Confirmed by your trade partners ' bank , these cans international Transactions take hours if not days to complete Which is just a waste of time . And as we all know , Time is Money . USDE transfers & payments in Comparison take 90 SECONDS or LESS and have 0 % fees !

As we all know the NSA and other Intelligence agencies are watching our every move and our payment behavior is one of Them . By Using a cryptocurrency like USDE and the road map for its Innovation , it'll be tough Harder , if not impossible for these corporations to track your financial behavior .

What makes the USDE so valuable is the fact that's there will never be more than 1.6 billion coins or single units of the USDE in circulation . As long as the Fed and other global entities continue printing money at jaw - dropping rates, the value of our currency by independent Comparison will continue to rise until our message spreads Across the world , and people finally Realized how little value in government -backed Remains FIAT - and what lies ahead Potential great for not just any cryptocurrency , but the USDE . The unitary status eCoin Dollar project is backed by honest , caring , responsible team of developers who will see this bright new currency through long into the future . At the forefront of the USDE is the greatest community behind a cryptocurrency that's was ever created organically .

Not as some pump- and- dump get- rich - quick scheme like so many other cryptocoins that's are abandoned weeks or months after Their launch , and not as a joke like the Doge or moon . We need USDE because we need a currency that's starts from the bottom up , that's - class cabin of regular working people the chance to be Able to live comfortably and not merely survive from Paycheck -to - Paycheck , that's forms a unified community all based around one that's currency can not be inflated whenever one COLOSSAL private bank says so.

The money supplies worldwide continue to pile up , with each USD, AUS , EUR , YEN and others plummeting in value every year , while the USDE Marches upward . Stable , reliable, an investment in your future and the futures of many wonderful people just like you , that's the USDE - the Free People's Currency.

We are all slaves to the fiat , but the USDE is the Free People's remedy for this .

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USDE Coin Marketing Team
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  1. i'm new to this coin
    i installed wallet
    hoping to get involved thanks
    USD-e: GVhyVHuCVYHhk4A3J1gqa8aZgcHeKoYHpE

    1. Not much,but send some USD-e for you..