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USDe To The Moon? "If USDe for example was used by every hotel and airport are included in this vacation. All you would have t... thumbnail 1 summary

USDe To The Moon?

"If USDe for example was used by every hotel and airport are included in this vacation. All you would have to keep track of how much was USDe you had , and how much USDe needed for all expensesrelated . That's No fees or exchanges cause unnecessary loss of money. Imagine if it was like this , and you had your salary paid in the USDe . Imagine if shops around the world accepted as payment and USDe When going to another country the PRICES were the same in the same currency.

As long as each topic is on point ... Preferably I'd like to take a popular recent story about an international event or a popular celebrity and spin the story to have monetary / economics meaning , Which leads leads the reader to the Conclusion that's USDe is a better form of payment ....

I have personally been worried about the Tremendous , ever - Growing supply of U.S. dollars since around 2011. That was when I watched this hour -long video by I forget who, about how the United States was headed for The Brink of fiscal collapse. And it made ​​a lot of sense . How valuable one dollar cans truly be if there are over a trillion of Them in circulation ? The only thing that's Gives the U.S. dollar , and other FIAT currencies , any buying power is the fact that's so many people still have faith in their Governments .

But as we enter this new and turbulent century, that's faith is Waning . 2013 was The Most Politically dysfunctional year in recent history, and while both parties have said They will try to play nice from now on , that's -you-can bet there is another gridlock on the horizon for 2014. Other big Governments are no better: Russia seems Trapped in a permanent , poverty - stricken Caste system and Putin likes it that's way, the Chinese government continues to keep an iron grip on nearly every Aspect of Their businesses ( let's not forget that's They Are Seeking to ban Bitcoin and , by extension , all cryptocurrencies ) , the Euro -zone is in Decline also, with record unemployment in Spain and with many Economists that's saying the Euro is over- Valued .

With all of this stagnation occurring around the world , it really makes you wonder how the U.S. dollar is still the world 's reserve currency. I once heard someone call the U.S. " a bank with an army " and that's just about sums it up , does not it ? The only thing that's really Gives strength to our currency is our over- inflated , over- budgeted military , and that's just sends a chill down my spine . I ask you , reading right now , whoever you are - how far would the United States go to maintain fiscal control over all the world 's economies ?
This is the reason we need the USDe . Not as some pump- and- dump get- rich - quick scheme like so many other cryptocoins that's are abandoned weeks or months after Their launch , and not as a joke like the Doge or moon . We need USDe because we need a currency that's starts from the bottom up , that's - class cabin of regular working people the chance to be Able to live comfortably and not merely survive from Paycheck -to - Paycheck , that's forms a unified community all based around one that's currency can not be inflated whenever one COLOSSAL private bank says so.

That is what makes the USDe so valuable. There will never be more than 1.6 billion coins in circulation . As long as the Fed continues printing money at jaw - dropping rates, the value of our currency will continue to Comparison by rise until our message spreads Across the world , and people finally Realized how little value in government -backed Remains FIAT , and what great Potential lies ahead for not just any cryptocurrency , but USDE - backed by a caring , responsible team of developers who will see this bright new currency through long into the future , and the greatest community behind a cryptocurrency that's I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of . We are all slaves to the U.S. dollar , but the USDE will remedy that.

The dollar supply continues to pile up , with each dollar plummeting in value every day , while the USDE Marches upward . Stable , reliable, an investment in your future and the futures of many wonderful people just like you , that's the USDE - the free people 's currency. "

We Are Outdated

"First of all modern fiat is kinda outdated. In a world where globalisation is the leading factor of the worlds economy it's beyond stupid to let every country have it's own currency.
By letting every country have it's own currency you'll create a world where not only prices of products differ but where you also got to think about the exchange rates of your own fiat vs the fiat the company of wich you're buying is using. And since pretty much every company has out-sourced most of it's industrial and communicative efforts to upcoming economy's (Low wages) it'd be so much easier if all the transactions between these countries could be done by using the same currency, you guessed it: USDe!

The second problem with the modern day way of doing international transactions is the time you've got to wait till your transaction is confirmed by your trade partners bank, these international transactions can take hours if not days to complete wich is just a waste of time. And as we all know, Time is Money Smiley. Therefor i suggest everyone better starts using USDe as a way of performing international transactions because it's quick and safe Smiley

I'd like to finish with a really big problem nowadays, one wich we all know about. Privacy. As we all know the NSA and other Intelligence agencies are watching our every move and our payment behaviour is one of them. By using a cryptocurrency like USDe it'll be alot harder if not impossible for these corporations to track your financial behaviour."

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