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We are developing a new community that will enable many of us to stay in touch without all the attendant problems ! We also want to provide a place where users can sell things over the Internet with BTC, forks , and our own coin. And we also provide a guarantee for the transaction secure transactions .
Our website will vBulletin forum with a market system and a coded system of deposit (escrow), so that users can exhibit new proposals, such as buy now , Wish List , and put things up for auction. The system will work like eBay and will have a complex feedback system . We will give sellers the ability to use your own Custom escrow .


We need somewhere to gather 10 BTC ( to cover the costs of developing scripts) to make sure the launch of the project. There are 3 options for all potential investors to invest in our coin or our website . Throughout the project will be escrow, which in cases of failure of the project will return to investors their Bitcoins .

Here are 3 options :

1 ) IPO Coins

We sell 100 shares at 0.1 BTC per share, in return you get 500 BCTS.
Dabs has been depositing for this project.

2) Buy stocks on our site.
We will sell 10 % of the profit site, everyone who wants to , as well , we will share reports monthly income with all shareholders . We offer monthly reports to ensure full transparency .
We will take all suggestions for 5 shares, the value of which is 2 % each.
As our website will get income? We will charge a transaction fee , osnovaguyu totals on each product sale . We will also charge you with escrow services , for those who want to take advantage of it . We will also offer advertising.
Accept applications for PROFIT SHARES
Send your ideas in a personal
Dabs is engaged in the service of deposit (escrow). We 'll send you instructions as soon as all applications will be accepted.

Action # User Bid
Action 1 .5 [btc] Telmo
Action 2 .5 [btc] qiwoman
Action 3 .5 [btc] qiwoman
Action 4 .5 [btc] reesev
Action 5 .5 [btc] reesev

3) Write IPO
Members who will promote our coin on other forums and blogs will receive 1 share in the IPO 's FREE!

1) The information should include all of this theme
2 ) It shall be published on another site ( Translations are not counted)
3 ) You must write a link to your publication to this topic
4) Your topic must be updated


Customers who have already become parties FREE IPO:

Our site is in development and we plan to run it, along with a coin on June 1 .


Coin ? symbol :

Number of coins in circulation :

distribution :

25% will be used for competitions , promotions , bonuses and volunteers . ( 125,000 )

10% is distributed among investors IPO (50,000)

First 100 successful transactions on our site ( buyers and sellers ) will receive 50 coins each. ( 10,000)

We launched the referral system and the system of posts in the first month of opening and will distribute 15,000 BCTS (15,000)

First 500 likes on facebook who posted a BCTS your purse will be awarded 1000 coins each. ( 500,000)

50,000 coins will be distributed in different ways , which will be announced a week before launch. (50,000)

Given IPO and distribution will be available 250,000 coins which are in the circulation prior to the tender.
Another 250,000 coins will be earned through rates over 5 years. Which will give us the total number of 500,000 coins.

Awards ?
Logo - 300 BCTS
First blog post - 150 BCTS qiwoman 3x
Second blog post - 150 BCTS
3rd blog post - 150 BCTS
4th blog post - 150 BCTS
Fifth post in blog - 150 BCTS
Translations - 150 BCTS

Chinese translation - 150 BCTS zxm7001
Russian translation - 150 BCTS # new serejandmyself
German translation - 150 BCTS https://bitcointalk....?topic=607343.0 romawi

Think we need something like that then ? The fact that you can give ? WRITE TO ME NOW!

More will be announced soon .

Need help?
We are looking for moderators in our forum.
So we are looking for another developer to join our team at our site .
Looking for OP ( blogger / poster) which can be guided by our IRC channel ( chat ) .

Participants ?bts
Members brought positive in our community will be awarded 50 BCTS after launch !

qiwoman 3x
vesperwillow 3x
romawi 3x
Contraband 3x

DONATE BTCS = Em1jZRxK23Bcczq3rMSzx9GE64xfGGYNp7 

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