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Movie " The Smurfs " presumably a lot of people have seen , then Smurfs currency and the movie " The Smurfs " what ... thumbnail 1 summary

Movie " The Smurfs " presumably a lot of people have seen , then Smurfs currency and the movie " The Smurfs " what does it matter ! Indeed no direct relationship In addition to the name .

Directed by Raja high Snell wrote this classic CG animation , and after bitcoin is more known for , the authors introduced the Smurfs While encryption currency. Yes, I would like to think that selling the team , then you really can become a selling point ? Nobody knows , there is no need to predict , everyone has their own answers.

We look front more fire dog coins, but also took a good name , caters to American culture tips , and a strong marketing team behind . Initially prices soared countless times in a short time , until the final plunge , there is still nothing followers ( not to be stuck with a lot of those excluded ) . TheSmurfsCoin same name down in the martial arts , he had to admit that there are followers , replies have been thousands of people a few days , because he is complimentary , is a pure PoS coins, all coins are distributed free of charge , and in order to audit distribution, deliberately released a track Bitcointalk account ID and signature pages , complete the signature wallet address and id submit two steps , your account will be automatically tracked bitcointalk . Replies of not less than 10 signatures to stay at least one week , then send free Smurfs currency. Current efforts can be seen in the direction of the team should be on the promotion efforts, which may be their long- term , and technology development should also keep a close , specially made from their shared id tracking website of view, from point , domestic currency should blush , those who do not have the domestic circle coins actually blushed as thick skinned .

Raja Snell led the team used high- performance capture + CG animated movie produced way , leading the audience into countless He created this world . That TheSmurfsCoin authors to take us to where? I want to give you free coins , all coins to get the Smurfs who should be the team members of the film, the animated world every ornaments , location is accurate , is working fine , with each team member has relationship , even if you are only responsible for CG in the most simple part.

Do not brag about because the various interests everywhere , so what effect it can play ! Let more people hate it? Raja high Snell go around bragging how good his films there will be more people buying it ! I do not think so . I actually think that a variety of currencies, including encryption , including bitcoins are still the primary stage , should try more application development, promotion of good faith , so that more people participate in this experiment to encrypt currency . Do not put all your accounts for high proportion of funds , life is more important , money is only a small part of the encryption of our lives .

Perhaps Smurfs currency can bring us a pure world. Price is very important, but do not just care about the price, the development of encryption currency was more interesting.

You can get this coin for free (giveaway) at the forum (bitcointalk) offical The Smurfscoin Forum.

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