What Is Bitcoin

Many are asking, what is the meaning of bitcoin Q: May I know what it is about bitcoin? A: To know all kinds of la how bitcoin bitcoin s... thumbnail 1 summary
what is bitcoin

Many are asking, what is the meaning of bitcoinQ: May I know what it is about bitcoin?A: To know all kinds of la how bitcoin bitcoin system which is going to study all of the kid how to do all ...S: Sorry bro, if you want to understand how to create bitcoin and professional computing means bro must have knowledge of crytopgraphic. programing and transaction security ..A: .......Bitcoin actually if we want to know so that the grassroots is not possible because the technology used in power generation to the transaction was very complicated.In Brief I can tell that bitcoin prices are on us not to any party if you want to sell bitcoin at 2000USD if someone else can buy it, but on the average market price is 260USD - 280USD / bitcoin.If you want to run the warehouse generation you have a concept that he has the proper speed to generate a bitcoin as you want ..What does that do to get the miner bitcoin.Miner will receive block chain of pool and run verification process so that the same bitcoin can not be used for the second time.Once the process is completed pool will receive 25bitcoin to complete blockchain and will divide the bitcoin Proportional processing power that you donate.

3 Factors that could affect the mining bitcoin1. Speed ​​Machine Megahash / Gigahash / Terahash2. Level of Difficulty3. accompanied PoolEngine speed will mepengaruhi processing rate data provided by the system and the level of difficulty you determine the rate of production of bitcoin.Difficulty increase proportional to the time at which you require a faster machine for a given pool menyesaikan blockchain you.Good pool will provide plenty blockchain for you to solve and improve your bitcoin generation.Below I give you an idea antopool and speed of the machine used and how to read any information provided by your pool ..

Buy Bitcoin With Paypal

Buy Bitcoins With PayPal The good news is that buying bitcoins with PayPal is possible. The bad news is that none of the options listed b... thumbnail 1 summary
Buy Bitcoins With PayPal
The good news is that buying bitcoins with PayPal is possible. The bad news is that none of the options listed below is elegant and straightforward.

You can’t directly buy bitcoins using PayPal, because it is risky for the seller, and therefore few sellers will offer this. Major bitcoin exchanges do not allow funding through PayPal. This is largely due to repeated cases where someone pays for bitcoins with PayPal, receives bitcoins and then fraudulently complains to PayPal or their credit card company that they never received the goods. All too often PayPal sides with the fraudulent buyer and this is understandably too risky for bitcoin seller. But there is a workaround that can be done in order to use PayPal to buy bitcoins but it holds within quite high transaction fees.

Buy bitcoins with PayPal via VirWox recommended option

You need a free account on Virtual World Exchange. Using the VirWox you can buy another currency, that is Second Life Lindens (SLL) with PayPal and then convert your SLL to bitcoins. This process will charge you transaction fees of around 6% all together but will let you purchase bitcoins pretty quickly as opposed to a wire transfer. The reason this method works is because you do not buy bitcoins with PayPal directly, you only buy SLL with PayPal and then exchange your SLL to bitcoin.

To buy bitcoin with paypal please click any image in this post or click HERE 

Quit Dough Set to Become E-Cigarette's Bitcoin

Pretty funny , but true . Cryptocoin latest x13 will start only 7 hours from now . Another cryptocoin in 2015 , but what disti... thumbnail 1 summary

Pretty funny, but true. Cryptocoin latest x13 will start only 7 hours from now. Another cryptocoin in 2015, but what distinguishes this coin is different from the other coin is because it One vendor has had quite enough and has started up a crypto currency just for e-cigarette transactions.

The currency, which works in a similar way to bitcoin might soon be used to buy nicotine directly from manufactures outside Australia.

In other words, for this coin is that it is to substitute for the system to paypal and credit card payment that does not allow all consumers to buy and sell online cigarette use their system.

Quit Dough has been made to be exchanged for electronic cigarette products including nicotine e-liquid. Electronic Cigarettes have a lot in common with crypto currencies which make them an interesting partnership that has a wide future scope. In many parts of the world the law regarding electronic cigarettes and crypto currency is grey. It is hard for Governments and regulators to pin point policies regarding either product as they are mainly traded in an online landscape. Technology often eludes regulation which can pave the way for alternate methods of doing business. 

The decentralized nature of crypto currency enables an exchange to occur without limitations or expenses such as fees delays or privacy violation. The main element that makes the connection interesting is that it gives buyers a sense of control over financial decisions when it comes to purchases. Paypal and Ebay have restricted USA sellers from offering electronic cigarettes. (http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/tobacco.html) Some credit card merchants are also closing individual accounts from online stores meaning that there are less ways to pay for the products that customers want access to.
Coin Specification

Ticker Symbol: QUIT
Algorithm: X13
Total Coins: 30,000,000
then 1-150 (1 Block )
then 100 Coins per Block
BlockTime: 120
Difficulty Re-target: Every Block
Pre allocation:10%

Block Reward has been doubled from 50 to 100

Coin Forum


Original News


Donate Quit Dough - QQ9UreRej7wMa3WemspKPYWgDQhAEb49Um


Bunnycoin after seeing the strengths of its Dogecoin , hence delivering bunnycoin . With a slogan that is pretty enough "... thumbnail 1 summary
bunnycoin faucet,bunnycoin gamebling,bunnycoin dice
Bunnycoin after seeing the strengths of its Dogecoin, hence delivering bunnycoin. With a slogan that is pretty enough "INNOVATIVE MONEY WHERE LOVE MEETS AND CHARITY" accurately reflects the ascetic enthusiastic creator of this bunnycoin.

With the strong support of every team bunnycoin, it is likely this will be comparable bunnycoin with Dogecoin soon.
With strong support from the user bunnycoin this will go away, but it would be better than Dogecoin. Does this bunnycoin will achieve the desired level by the creator. Let's wait and see, and for me personally, I certainly bunnycoin will win a place at this cryptocoin fans a little longer. To be sure this bunnycoin 2015 will be successful.

Bunny Forum - BitcoinTalk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=595766.0

Bunny Launch -


How many bunny can exist?

Approximately 100 Billion Bunnies in total.

Bunnies for Charity?

10% of coins mined go to support user voted upon charities and good will causes using the revolutionary built-in decentralized voting/distribution system.

Many Details: http://bunnycoin.org/bunnycoin-for-charities/

Latest Charity Announcements:

Crypto 4 Education Scholarships: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=603971.0

Burrowing for Bunnies?

Scrypt Proof of Work
1 Minute Block Targets, 4 Hour Diff Readjustments
Random block rewards to encourage individuals to participate in the mining process.

1-100,000: 0-1,000,000 Bunnycoin Reward
100,001 — 200,000: 0-500,000 Bunnycoin Reward(random)
200,001 — 300,000: 0-250,000 Bunnycoin Reward(random)
300,001 — 400,000: 0-125,000 Bunnycoin Reward(random)
400,001 — 500,000: 0-62,500 Bunnycoin Reward(random)
500,001 — 600,000: 0-31,250 Bunnycoin Reward(random)
600,000+ : 0-10,000 Bunnycoin Reward (random)

RPC 48444 P2P 48445



Bunny Exchanges:

Buy and Sell Bunnies for DOGE:


Buy and Sell Bunnies for LTC & BTC:


Buy and Sell Bunnies for BTC and DOGE:


Buy and Sell Bunnies for BTC, LTC and DOGE:


Buy and Sell Bunnies for LTC and BTC


Bunny Block Explorer:


Bunny Paper Wallets:


Bunny Tutorials:

Mining Bunnies (Built in Wallet Mining): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=retiXNGgC20
Navigating the Burrow (Short Wallet Intro/Tutorial): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3DXc-yxMTU
Lending a Helping Paw (Charity Voting Tutorial Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Or7PG47Fd4


Let's all vote till we can no longer remain at our computers Smiley

#1: Get Bunnycoin Listed on Swisscex.com


(You may Vote once per hour, or three times per hour if you register)

#2: Get Bunnycoin Listed on CoinedUp

- CoinedUp - Go post your comment/upvote in this thread http://www.reddit.com/r/CoinedUp/comments/254ete/add_bunnycoin_to_coinedup/

#3: Get Bunnycoin Listed on Mintpal

- MintPal - Not added - https://www.mintpal.com/voting - Request by emailing mintpal

Spend your Bunnycoins:

Merchant Directory Here:

Already Much Bunny Love and Support!!

(Bunny Rabbit Community Joins together to support Bunnycoin, change World)

(World's Largest Rabbit Directory)
(Cages, Hutches, Food, Books, Software, Accessories)


Help Make Bunnycoin a Mega Success!!!

For development inquires contact: bunnycointeam AT gmail.com .

           Hi Everyone Meet bunny



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Ricecoin Celebrating a love of Uncle Ben Rice

Ricecoin , coin -based brand uncle Ben was finally launched on 19.01.2015 . To show love and to celebrate the greatness of ric... thumbnail 1 summary

Ricecoin, coin-based brand uncle Ben was finally launched on 19.01.2015. To show love and to celebrate the greatness of rice uncle ben, it gives birth to another cryptocoin in 2015.

With the support of the public user of the forum bitcointalk, ricecoin possibility would be coin exploded this year. Hopefully with the confidence shown by the creators of this coin will give returns on her.

In our view, the Ricecoin will earn a place in the hearts of many lovers cryptocoin. For the future of this coin, it should be in the list on the popular crypto exchanger as soon as possible, creating a special game for this coin and ricecoin faucet. Below is a detail to ricecoin.

Coin Specs

Coin Name: RiceCoin
Coin Ticker: RICE
Total Coins: 10 Mil
Algo: X13 POW / POS
Premine: 2%
Block Time: 1 min
POS 4%

Block Rewards

0-2 -- Premine
2-3001 --  500 RICE
3001 -- 6000 -- 1000 RICE
6001 -- 9000 -- 250 RICE
9001 -- 12000 -- 125 RICE
12001 -- 15000 -- 500 RICE

Coin Maturity -- 100 Blocks


Win Wallet


RPC Port: 41980
P2P Port: 41981




Good Luck For Dev

Donate ricecoin : EUgS8MNTmFPDENZbwKZ1y3VrxxY3SPoFsu 
             bitcoin  : 13ZMxSQQpbKrknQLaP2e5mAqbphQXvguPa

Another cryptocoin will be launched within 2 hours. Goldpieces

Another cryptocoin will be launched within 2 hours. Goldpieces Coin  Countdown - http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=2... thumbnail 1 summary
goldpieces coin
Another cryptocoin will be launched within 2 hours. Goldpieces Coin 

Countdown - http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20150109T18&p0=%3A&msg=GP+Launch&csz=1

Goldpieces unique name to another cryptocoin be launched. This new coin based x11algorythm with mining during the week and 100 coin per block that you will be able to.

Among other specikasi this coin is that it will be 1.000000 coins after a week of its launch. Does this coins will be successful or will die in the middle of the street like other coins.

With a unique name, it may be of interest to enthusiasts cryptocoin to play their part in this cryptocoin industry. For us, then it is successful or not is to this cryptocoin enthusiasts as well as measures to promote the creator of this cryptocoin to find a place in the eyes of the fans cryptocoin.

For more information about this coin please go to the Forum.

x11 algorythm
mining for 1 week
staking at a rate of 500% thereafter
100 coins per block

~ 1,000,000 coins after first week

GoldPieces / GP official website
Gold_Pieces On twitter



Crytodouble.com scam or not? Recent reviews from btcnews.my

Does this investment of crytodauble lawfully international law or it is an easy way to deceive investors bitcoin . Is it an ... thumbnail 1 summary
Does this investment of crytodauble lawfully international law or it is an easy way to deceive investors bitcoin. Is it an investment scam? So far those who have made investments in cryptodauble.com increased by 22485 thousand. Doubling of my previous writings. They are also paid on time that has been set.

I myself have tried to put the risk to invest in crytodauble.com by 0.50 bitcoin and has already paid a total of 1 bitcoin timely.

crytodauble payment proof

For affiliates program of cryptodauble.com this program, I also joined their program and now I receive commissions paid accurately and with such evidence below ...


My goal is not to incite you to participate in this ponzi scheme, but this review is for you to own the truth whether it is true or scam.

It's up to you to join or not. No compulsion, but if you are a brave bear the risk you can participate in this program.

My conclusion from this is to program it instead cryptodauble.com Scam moment, but for the future he may or may not be a scam ... To join please go to this website ... CRYTODAUBLE.COM

+Bitcoin  +Bitcoin News +Btc News Nederland  #bitcoin 

Update... Crytodouble Now Completely SCAM !!!!!  i lost 1.5btc ....

Why Should Economics Hate Bitcoin?

I'm really in the mood to write something anti - mainstream in the midst of the hustle and bustle of ' cult ' Bitco... thumbnail 1 summary
I'm really in the mood to write something anti-mainstream in the midst of the hustle and bustle of 'cult' Bitcoin that are taking place in the community - it turns out you! Not only president who cult like prophet by his supporters, even digital currency like Bitcoin too, have Bitcoin Defenders Front - are ready to revere revere digital currency and hit the plus bullying opponents! And I want to see whether the members of the FPB alias Defenders Front Bitcoin will be bullying me because write this post.

Many people who say Bitcoin is a breakthrough new ideas and technologies in payment or online transactions, to facilitate and minimize transaction costs and others. I myself agree with it, Bitcoin is an interesting idea and technology to learn and continue to be developed. But to worship him as the savior of the world economy? Wait a minute ...

This article actually comes from the idea when reading "4 Reasons Why Economists Should Love Bitcoin" - let up!

4. Making Process Bitcoin Trading Far More Difficult

Bitcoin Makes Trade Easier, said worshipers Bitcoin. On the one hand, as someone who often conduct online transactions, I do not agree! In fact it is very easy to make transactions based Bitcoin for them - veterans who already know the ins and outs of Bitcoin, but not for those who are new! They are still clouds, still prefer to use Fiat to transact online is far more than lovers and devotees Bitcoin itself.

Please see the process, how when someone in Malaysia will make transactions based Bitcoin. First he must redeem wangnya be Bitcoin exchange services through purchase or service bitcoin, after getting a new Bitcoin he can perform transactions with merchants that accept Bitcoin for its products.

The problems confronting the buyer is, for example, he redeem $ 100,000, - into Bitcoin, after getting Bitcoin, and then he headed to the merchant for purchase by using Bitcoin - just before he got to the trader, the price of Bitcoin vs. dollar rose, so that Bitcoin it has been not worth $ 100,000, - again

The only way is to have a Bitcoin in excess of the value of goods or services to be purchased, for insurance if the price or value of Bitcoin fell to Fiat.

And what about the merchant?

3. Bitcoin Inhibits Growth -

It Can Help Developing Economies, he said! Are you sure? So far, we have always stared in awe when there is a business that accepts Bitcoin for products or services which he has to offer! One thing that has always been denied by the devotee Bitcoin is ... The businesses that accept Bitcoin is actually not sincerely adopt Bitcoin for business.

Those businesses that accept Bitcoin? Yes I Do! But they then exchange it for Fiat directly from falling victim to the rise and fall of the value of Bitcoin Fiat!

Take for instance you are a business person who accepts Bitcoin and offer your products or services worth $ 100, - with the exchange rate is now a buyer pays you with 0.5 BTC - then what will you do with the Bitcoin? You keep it in the hope its value will rise against the dollar? So you get more profit? Or you directly sell or menkonversikannya be Dollar in order not to get caught when the price of Bitcoin fell against the dollar? Mostly, almost all businesses directly Bitcoin exchange they get into Fiat - why ask why? Due to operational costs and also the production of goods or services they use Fiat! Is suicide, if they take the risk of uncertain benefit to linger longer save Bitcoin.


Of points 3 and 4 - Economic growth will occur, if a lot of people and businesses use their Bitcoin transactions, but let's look at reality? And the reality is Fiat still be ruler in every transaction.

2. Bitcoin Full With Intrigue Manipulation Greed

Free From Political Manipulation, this one is really quite irrelevant to the reality that is happening!

Can not power politics of government manipulation or intervention to Bitcoin? Highly can all! Do not we see what's happening in China with a monetary policy rule that led to the original Bitcoin price breaks $ 1,000 into fall and never get up again until today?

Those who do business based digital currency Bitcoin and other encrypted really was not entirely safe from the reach of government intervention aka ruler! The closest example is the business of trading and exchange services JustCoin newly out of business recently? Why are they out of business? Due to the insistence of the government authorities - Banks that they use would not accept funds from Bitcoin transactions and other Cryptocurrencies.

One thing to remember is - Bitcoin volume in circulation today is not as big as the volume of Fiat. Most of the current Bitcoin controlled or owned by only a handful of people or business entities only. They are the whale, the whale - which can manipulate the price of Bitcoin at will for their own benefit. Evidence is very clear, why Bitcoin prices vary from one exchange to another exchange? Why can not such as Forex or foreign exchange market whose price is always the same? This is because the amount or volume traded Bitcoin is not as big as had happened in the Forex market and trading volume is largely or almost entirely rotating among the whales alone.

The slogan "Bitcoin is its Digital Gold Internet, price will further increase because stocknya diminishing returns" is gombalannya those who have a service or selling the service Bitcoin course, to attract people to buy Bitcoin. hehehe! Then ask why the current price of Bitcoin is only a circuitous course be honored for that now? Why Bitcoin prices do not go up gradually along with the increasing difficulty of mining? This is because there segilintir people - Bitcoin ruler with large capital markets with an agenda that drives the profit for himself.

1. Bitcoin is an interesting experiment.

It's an Exciting Experiment, well, if that is I agree! But the economic actors would be very careful with this one. The principle of economic actors is "With minimal effort, as easy, as sure as possible for the benefit of magnitude"

Whose name is an experiment or experiments would not be separated from the name by trial and error - This error will always occur in a process of trial. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies itself is an experiment without end ... and as stated by the developer themselves about the risks of this experiment
".... You should keep in mind that Bitcoin is a new invention that is exploring ideas that have never been attempted before. As such, its future can not be predicted by anyone."

An experiment with the results or output that can never be sure! Only they - the high risk taker who dare to take risks to get into it - and for economic actors with economic principles mentioned above .... certainly choose better step aside or step aside, nyemplung nyemplung little with one foot - - and no single person has the right to ask them to nyemplung entire body aka swim in the stream is uncertain which direction to which is, to a tranquil lake and beautiful? or to a steep waterfall and off.

Uh, by the way? You koq seem to hate with Bitcoin? Bitcoin hater ya?

Errr ... just like I do not hate Mr. Najib became Prime Minister! I have no problem with Najib, my problem is in the fanatical supporters who want good and truth itself, forcing forcing and calling the name calling people who do not share their living space with them! (companion? emang duck?)

Likewise with Bitcoin - the supporters and admirers it loh!

Thus ... if they receive a salary by fiat, still buy - breakfast, lunch, dinner by fiat, pay taps, PLN and other bills receivable by fiat ...... never mind think of Bitcoin none other than fiat another version so ?

If they are able to apply Vires In Numerical. Crypto anarchies - Eliminates completely fiat role in his daily life .... if you dare: P --- new please their adoring fanatics revere anything against Bitcoin

How to get Bitcoin Using Blog

Perhaps from seeing the title many who think that getting an automatic Bitcoin to blog it must utilize or exploit CoinUrl ... thumbnail 1 summary
Perhaps from seeing the title many who think that getting an automatic Bitcoin to blog it must utilize or exploit CoinUrl ad. But here I want to share that with your website or blog for free, can be utilized for Bitcoin mining.

Can? not usually wear a VPS? Certainly many are asking. This is true because in Web Miner there are many ways of mining that we can choose and one of them utilize a website or blog that we manage. There are several ways of mining can be done, namely:

1.GUI Miners: mining with low-spec computer itself and as a pentium 3 can still be.
mining with blog

2.Console Miners: Minuers GUI is similar to the difference in just using the console or CMD

3.Admin Edition: Well it's that have multiple computers or internet cafe so can mining with many computers at once

4.Miner Web Widget: This is cool because by adding scrypt on the web or blog it will automatically mining any visitors visit your website or blog. Delicious right?

5.Alternative miners: If this reply alternatives to 4 above. 

Well to start its Web can Visit Here and stay List only then will automatically be logged. For this type of coin that was mined there are some coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin, monero, Dashcoin, etc. Well for automatic mining want to websites and blogs, click Download and then click Web Miner Widget keeps a copy of the code is available according to the coin that you want to mining continue to place it on your website or blog alone and finished already. So every visitor will automatically convert into mining. Good Luck 

Police Are Investigating Whether A $730 Million Bitcoin Heist Was Actually An Inside Job

Japanese police are reportedly investigating whether people connected to the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange were behind the loss of hundreds of ... thumbnail 1 summary
Japanese police are reportedly investigating whether people connected to the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange were behind the loss of hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin.

Pando is reporting that Japanese newspaper the Yomiuri Shimbun has published an update on the police investigation into the theft of vast amounts of Bitcoin from online exchange Mt. Gox.
Mt. Gox was a central part of the global Bitcoin-trading world.

At its peak in 2013 the site was handling over 70% of Bitcoin transactions, serving as the backbone for the cryptocurrency industry.

bitcoin faucet
The wildly successful Bitcoin exchange was based in Japan, with a team of contractors working under enigmatic CEO Mark Karpelès. As Pando reports, the site’s owner only employed contractors, and kept important parts of the site’s encryption to himself. Despite the secrecy, though, the company thrived.

It was a far cry from the origins of the site, which started life as a website for people to exchange Magic The Gathering trading cards. In its news form, Mt. Gox was handling billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin transactions.

But everything came crashing down for Mt. Gox in February 2014 when the site suddenly halted all withdrawals. That alarmed customers, who bombarded it with queries. No solid information was forthcoming, with the site blaming a problem in the core code behind Bitcoin for the loss of a vast amount of the digital currency. At its peak value, the amount lost was over $730 million.

By March 2014, Mt. Gox had filed for bankruptcy and Karpelès resigned from Bitcoin’s board. The majority of the missing Bitcoin was never found, however. 200,000 bitcoin was found in one of Mt. Gox’s old accounts, but most customers still lost out. Karpelès has refused to travel to the US to face charges, meaning that the Japanese police investigation could be the last hope for Mt. Gox customers.

Now, it looks like the police investigation is turning its focus onto people involved with Mt. Gox, not vulnerabilities in Bitcoin or hackers from outside the company. The Japanese newspaper report cites sources close to the investigation who claim that someone involved with Mt. Gox may have transferred Bitcoin around the exchange, repeating the process and earning a profit margin.

If the Mt. Gox bitcoin was stolen by routing the money through the online exchange, that could be related to “Willy” and “Markus” — two of Mt. Gox’s automated trading accounts which conducted suspicious transfers.

Sources close to the police investigators claim that only 1% of the Bitcoin ever left Mt. Gox as a result of a hack, with an overwhelming amount staying inside the company.
Despite what seems to be a significant advancement in the police investigation, there’s still little hope that Mt. Gox’s customers will see their cryptocurrency again.

News Sources : Business Insider