Quit Dough Set to Become E-Cigarette's Bitcoin

Pretty funny , but true . Cryptocoin latest x13 will start only 7 hours from now . Another cryptocoin in 2015 , but what disti... thumbnail 1 summary

Pretty funny, but true. Cryptocoin latest x13 will start only 7 hours from now. Another cryptocoin in 2015, but what distinguishes this coin is different from the other coin is because it One vendor has had quite enough and has started up a crypto currency just for e-cigarette transactions.

The currency, which works in a similar way to bitcoin might soon be used to buy nicotine directly from manufactures outside Australia.

In other words, for this coin is that it is to substitute for the system to paypal and credit card payment that does not allow all consumers to buy and sell online cigarette use their system.

Quit Dough has been made to be exchanged for electronic cigarette products including nicotine e-liquid. Electronic Cigarettes have a lot in common with crypto currencies which make them an interesting partnership that has a wide future scope. In many parts of the world the law regarding electronic cigarettes and crypto currency is grey. It is hard for Governments and regulators to pin point policies regarding either product as they are mainly traded in an online landscape. Technology often eludes regulation which can pave the way for alternate methods of doing business. 

The decentralized nature of crypto currency enables an exchange to occur without limitations or expenses such as fees delays or privacy violation. The main element that makes the connection interesting is that it gives buyers a sense of control over financial decisions when it comes to purchases. Paypal and Ebay have restricted USA sellers from offering electronic cigarettes. (http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/tobacco.html) Some credit card merchants are also closing individual accounts from online stores meaning that there are less ways to pay for the products that customers want access to.
Coin Specification

Ticker Symbol: QUIT
Algorithm: X13
Total Coins: 30,000,000
then 1-150 (1 Block )
then 100 Coins per Block
BlockTime: 120
Difficulty Re-target: Every Block
Pre allocation:10%

Block Reward has been doubled from 50 to 100

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