Ricecoin Celebrating a love of Uncle Ben Rice

Ricecoin , coin -based brand uncle Ben was finally launched on 19.01.2015 . To show love and to celebrate the greatness of ric... thumbnail 1 summary

Ricecoin, coin-based brand uncle Ben was finally launched on 19.01.2015. To show love and to celebrate the greatness of rice uncle ben, it gives birth to another cryptocoin in 2015.

With the support of the public user of the forum bitcointalk, ricecoin possibility would be coin exploded this year. Hopefully with the confidence shown by the creators of this coin will give returns on her.

In our view, the Ricecoin will earn a place in the hearts of many lovers cryptocoin. For the future of this coin, it should be in the list on the popular crypto exchanger as soon as possible, creating a special game for this coin and ricecoin faucet. Below is a detail to ricecoin.

Coin Specs

Coin Name: RiceCoin
Coin Ticker: RICE
Total Coins: 10 Mil
Algo: X13 POW / POS
Premine: 2%
Block Time: 1 min
POS 4%

Block Rewards

0-2 -- Premine
2-3001 --  500 RICE
3001 -- 6000 -- 1000 RICE
6001 -- 9000 -- 250 RICE
9001 -- 12000 -- 125 RICE
12001 -- 15000 -- 500 RICE

Coin Maturity -- 100 Blocks


Win Wallet


RPC Port: 41980
P2P Port: 41981




Good Luck For Dev

Donate ricecoin : EUgS8MNTmFPDENZbwKZ1y3VrxxY3SPoFsu 
             bitcoin  : 13ZMxSQQpbKrknQLaP2e5mAqbphQXvguPa

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