What Is Bitcoin

Many are asking, what is the meaning of bitcoin Q: May I know what it is about bitcoin? A: To know all kinds of la how bitcoin bitcoin s... thumbnail 1 summary
what is bitcoin

Many are asking, what is the meaning of bitcoinQ: May I know what it is about bitcoin?A: To know all kinds of la how bitcoin bitcoin system which is going to study all of the kid how to do all ...S: Sorry bro, if you want to understand how to create bitcoin and professional computing means bro must have knowledge of crytopgraphic. programing and transaction security ..A: .......Bitcoin actually if we want to know so that the grassroots is not possible because the technology used in power generation to the transaction was very complicated.In Brief I can tell that bitcoin prices are on us not to any party if you want to sell bitcoin at 2000USD if someone else can buy it, but on the average market price is 260USD - 280USD / bitcoin.If you want to run the warehouse generation you have a concept that he has the proper speed to generate a bitcoin as you want ..What does that do to get the miner bitcoin.Miner will receive block chain of pool and run verification process so that the same bitcoin can not be used for the second time.Once the process is completed pool will receive 25bitcoin to complete blockchain and will divide the bitcoin Proportional processing power that you donate.

3 Factors that could affect the mining bitcoin1. Speed ​​Machine Megahash / Gigahash / Terahash2. Level of Difficulty3. accompanied PoolEngine speed will mepengaruhi processing rate data provided by the system and the level of difficulty you determine the rate of production of bitcoin.Difficulty increase proportional to the time at which you require a faster machine for a given pool menyesaikan blockchain you.Good pool will provide plenty blockchain for you to solve and improve your bitcoin generation.Below I give you an idea antopool and speed of the machine used and how to read any information provided by your pool ..

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